Wine O’Clock – 3 Wine Pairing Mistakes To Avoid

Did you know that red and white wine can only be paired with a specific type of food? Wine pairing is an art. It requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise that only experienced connoisseurs and sommeliers have.

So it is not surprising that ordinary people make mistakes when pairing wine with food.

Before you go to a wine cellar in Singapore, here are the common mistakes to avoid:

1) Heavy Wine For Light Dish

One unnoticeable mistake people make when pairing wine with food is choosing a wine that is too heavy for the dish. A heavy-bodied wine has more alcohol content and is fuller in the mouth.

Pairing a full-bodied red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon is not the best choice for a light fish dish. It overpowers the flavours of the fish, upsetting the flavour balance.

The rule of thumb is red wine for red meat and white wine for white meat and fish. So, a light white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling would be a better choice.

2) Sweet Wine For The Wrong Dish

Varieties of wine have different tastes. They could be sweet, bitter, or sour. The taste matters in wine pairing.

For example, a sweet white wine such as a Riesling may be the best choice to pair with a spicy dish. The sweetness of the wine makes the spicy heat less harsh, hence, balancing and enhancing the flavour.

Sweet wines are good with desserts, too! So, if you are planning to serve a spicy dish or a dessert, call your wine delivery in Singapore for a sweet wine.

3) Acidic Wine For Creamy Dish

As mentioned, wine can be sour or acidic. A high-acid white wine may not be the best choice for a creamy dish. The acidity of the wine does not complement the creaminess of the food.

The best pair for your high-acid wine is an oily and fatty food, as the acidity helps clean the palate. It is also good at balancing salty dishes. You can ask your wine logistics if the wine is low or high in acid.

Wine pairing does not have to be like a blind date. There are ways to determine which wine pairs best with the food. You can read books, learn from connoisseurs and sommeliers, and experiment with your own pairing.

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