3 Reasons Why I Love Slimming Coffee

I love coffee so much! It’s like, I couldn’t go a day without it. However, I also understand that drinking too much coffee can harm my health. For a plus-size person like me, I love to go slow and intake a slimming coffee which I switched from just the regular ‘coffee’ in moderation.

Sure, exercise will do your body a great favour in losing weight; however, it is difficult without support as we all have different body types. You might even get a probiotic supplement online.

With this going on, let me share a bit of my take on what it’s like to be a plus size, and later on, I will explain why I love slimming coffee.

What It’s Like To Be A Plus Size? 


Diet brands have gone viral throughout social media, advertising slimming pills or slimming coffee–which is, in fact, really advantageous. I know this for a point, but society has beauty standards, and being plus size is not it! It is cruel, but sometimes, people never see what lies beyond a person’s physical appearance.

Slimming coffee got me through my solemn days of tiring workouts because I can’t stress and tire myself so much; otherwise, my asthma at peptic ulcer will act up. No one will understand what a plus-size person like me went through because shaming has already blinded society’s eyes–and it’s alright.

I realised I don’t need other people’s validation because I am enough. Even with my body flaws, stretch marks, and flabby arms–I am a good person; my friends and family know that.

Remember that whether you are skinny or plus size, you are ethereal. Your beauty is one of a kind, and people will get enthralled by how confident you walk yourself straight up that chaotic and criticising society. Own that crown, and be proud!

Getting to the point, here are the reasons why I fell in love with slimming coffee.


1. Enhances fat burning.

The body can burn fat more quickly when you consume slimming coffee. It not only encourages the body to utilise fat reserves, but it may also offer you the extra energy you need to increase your activity level, further enhancing its ability to burn fat.

Slimming coffee increases your metabolism and might even raise your basal metabolic rate, whether or not you’re working out. Regardless of your degree of physical activity, having a higher metabolic rate helps you burn more calories.

2. Inhibits your appetite.

Nobody likes feeling hungry, and it’s no secret that most individuals adjust their eating habits when trying to lose weight. Thankfully, slimming coffee has an appetite-suppressing effect. It can postpone stomach emptying and control hormones that indicate hunger. Coffee prolongs your feeling of fullness.

3. It provides antioxidants.

An excellent source of antioxidants is coffee. Mainly, polyphenols support weight loss as well as fight illness. Both slimming coffee and green tea contain a lot of these ingredients.

Although too much caffeine may not suit us, we must not forget that coffee has a high antioxidant content. Antioxidants aid in the destruction of free radicals, which are responsible for fat storage, cell regeneration, and optimal vital functioning.

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