8 Things To Do Before Getting A Hearing Aid & Accessories

Even though the world is not as beautiful as it was ages ago, it still has myriad natural wonders that people have yet to see, let alone hear. The world produces unique sounds in many forms that not everyone can hear since 1.5 billion people suffer and live with hearing loss.

It is estimated that 1 in 11 people are experiencing hearing loss in Singapore alone. This number could increase more in the future. If you are having trouble hearing other people, see an audiologist immediately.

8 Things To Do Before Getting A Hearing Aid & Accessories.

1. Get A Medical Clearance

Getting a medical clearance means your primary doctor should rule out correctable causes of hearing loss, such as excessive amounts of earwax and ear infection. These problems do not need anyone to wear hearing aid devices and accessories since they can quickly get ear wax removal and ear infection treatment.

2. Undergo A Hearing Test

If your hearing loss is not caused by earwax or ear infection, your primary doctor may refer you to see an audiologist in Singapore. They are a doctor that specialises in treating ear and hearing-related problems.

3. Bring Someone During The Consultation

Besides having another pair of the ear to help you understand your audiologist, having someone by your side can help ease your anxiousness. You will feel more comfortable and safe throughout the consultation. Getting an online hearing test is also an option if you are still not ready to see a doctor in person.

4. Write A Priority List For Hearing Needs

After the hearing assessments, your audiologist will ask you about your lifestyle. Your answers will help you write down your priority, which can help with your hearing aid and accessories purchase journey.

5. Determine Health Insurance Coverage

Once you have determined what kind of hearing aid device and accessories you need, you might want to call your health insurance provider to assess your health insurance coverage. In some plans, most DMEs are not covered, so patients have to cover the expenses with their out of pocket.

6. Ask For A Trial Period

You can request a trial period if you cannot afford to purchase a hearing aid device and its related accessories. For their hearing aids and accessories, some clinics for the deaf and the hearing offer rental, which is significantly less expensive.

7. Check For The Warranty

Most warranties are available for purchased hearing aids. Before leaving the clinic of your audiologist in Singapore, you might want to ask about it and how long it is valid.

8. Be Wary Of False Claims

Like prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids don’t fully restore normal hearing. These devices are only used to gain their sense of hearing (temporarily) by wearing them.

Are You Ready To Get A Hearing Aid And Accessories?

Contact The Hearing Solution Group at +65 6337 0090 or leave a message on their website if you are ready and interested in getting a hearing assessment. Before you can purchase a hearing aid and any necessary accessories, you must go through this process first.

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