5 Types of Botox Injections to Choose in 2022

Botulinum toxin injections typically serve a cosmetic purpose by relaxing your face muscles and smoothing out the frown lines and wrinkles. Although these Botox injections are not permanent, they should only be administered by trained, qualified, and experienced medical professionals. 

If you are battling a skin infection, neuromuscular condition, on medication, pregnant, or a nursing mother, avoid taking such injections. When correctly administered, you will not face serious problems post-treatment. At the most, you may temporarily experience flu-like symptoms, swelling, or bruising in that area.

Available Injections  

Injectables using Botulinum toxin reveal their full effect two to three weeks after receiving them. These injectables do not allow your muscles to contract normally, thereby ridding your face of age-related wrinkles. 

When trained hands administer the shot, you will not wear an expressionless or frozen look. Under the Botox umbrella, you are presented with the listed five types of injections to make a pick in 2022:

Baby Botox 

This injection satisfies your need for subtle instead of dramatic changes. A professional administers a smaller amount of the injectable to achieve the desired impact. 

Baby Botox serves this purpose well if you need to shape or lift your eyebrows. It even helps to slow down the aging signs by curtailing the progression of lines around your forehead, eyes, and brows.


BroTox specifically targets male patients who desire rejuvenation through a non-invasive procedure. As a man, the lines between your brows give you a severe and older look incredibly when deep. 

With this injectable, you can say goodbye to deep frown lines and crow’s feet. It can even help lift your droopy brows and make your appearance come alive. 


An injection that effectively addresses an overly sweaty scalp is BlowTox. It is injected into your scalp to prevent perspiration there. In the heat and after rigorous physical activity, your scalp tends to sweat, resulting in your hair falling over lifelessly. 

BlowTox is designed to reduce oil secretion and sweating by blocking the chemical messenger that induces your sweat glands. As the oil and sweat production in your scalp area reduces, your hair will not reflect a wet look. 

However, this procedure is expensive since it covers a larger surface area. Annually you may require two to four sessions of this injection to keep your scalp and hair sweat-free. 

NewTox or Jeuveau

If you have been regularly undergoing Botox treatments, your muscles may become immune to these injections with time. Here is when the newest neurotoxin injectable called Jeuveau makes a marked and quicker difference in improving your aesthetics. Before making the switch, however, ensure you consult your doctor. 

Budget Botox

Unregulated Botox kits are available online, which you may be tempted to source and inject toxins into your system by following the YouTube tutorials. This, however, is a dangerous trend as only a trained doctor can safely administer the injection and protect you from its severe and damaging consequences. 

Besides using Botox for cosmetic reasons, these injections also effectively treat migraines, neck spasms, leg pain, and bladder issues. 

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