Busting The Myths About Sustainable Commercial Architecture 

Sustainable and green architecture is visually delightful. These are serene pieces of design that are built on the idea to lower the negative impacts upon the environment. With the non-toxic building materials getting used for the construction, these architectures can accommodate specific climatic needs. But there are many myths surrounding green builds and sustainable architecture and here we are busting them.

Sustainable designs are inefficient

Popular beliefs rotate around the fact that traditional building designs are way more efficient as compared to sustainable buildings. But this differs highly because the new-age buildings are built with extremely superior technologies and modern practices. The occupants are made sure that they enjoy way better living standards with maintaining energy-sustainability and healthier living standards around them. The construction also looks forward to optimally allocate the resources and reduce the waste generation to the penultimate level.

Sustainable designs are expensive

This is the most widely circulated myth among the commoners. But on the contrary, these architectures are perfectly affordable and within the reach of common men. If the entire life-cycle costs are to be considered, they are almost similar to the traditional building build-up costs. Sustainable designs, on the other hand, have a payback period of a couple of years. Your resale value will get highly increased and you can enjoy affordability over a long period.

Sustainable designs are not visually appealing

The idea of sustainable designs is just not restricted to the construction, practices, and the principle technologies that are added to the building. There are also no restrictions on how your building would look upon construction. There is a broad avenue left for the architects to design the building’s visuals in any appealing way possible and play and experiment with the trendiest ideas possible. In most cases, these buildings appear out to be head-turners from the rest of the architectures.

Sustainable designs are just the trends

The increased environmental concerns have forced people to think that sustainable architecture is just another trend that will be forgotten in days. But in reality, this had been a practice for ages and today the need for sustainability has increased even more. With the building materials available readily, they are preceding over traditional buildings fast.

Sustainable and green architecture is spreading everywhere, even to the factories, and hence architecte usine Stendel Reich is taking up the design initiatives to the very next level.

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