How I Got My New HDB a Fire Rated Door and More

Moving Into My New HDB

While I was excited to move out on my own for the first time, I was scared of moving into an HDB. I had always lived in my parents’ landed property, which was heavily protected due to guards stationed around my neighbourhood. We also had security cameras and a gate to guard the house. I had no experience living in a tall building. That’s why when I moved into my HDB, I decided I needed to change the HDB main door immediately.

I wanted to change my main door for two reasons. Firstly, because everyone’s HDB units were connected, I was scared of any natural disaster, such as a fire, causing a chain reaction that could eventually reach my home. Secondly, I wanted it to be a safer door than the one given to me in case anyone sneaks past the guards and tries to break into my home. I was lucky when I found an HDB main door promotion bundle, which gave me a discounted price for a fire rated door and an HDB gate. I ordered the door bundle and got to work.

Looking for a Fire Rated Door

Because I had done some research beforehand, I had a good idea of what type of fire rated door I wanted. Here is a list of features I looked for to get the perfect door for my HDB.

  • I had a few materials in mind when looking for a fire rated door. I wanted the door itself to be made of a solid timber frame. I also wanted it to be covered in fire-resistant glass, though only a few doors have that feature. The glass gives it an extra layer of protection from the fire, and it should be able to hold itself out for an hour before it starts to melt. However, glass isn’t required; many fireproof doors can handle fires independently.
  • I’ve also checked the sides of each fire rated door I thought of buying. I read online that there should be an intumescent seal or intumescent strip, which expands when it detects a temperature of over 200C. These strips seal out the other side of the room to keep fire out.

Installing a Gate to my HDB Door

Once I chose the fire rated door I wanted, it was time to get my gate. The gate would go in front of my new main entrance, giving me an extra layer of protection from burglars attempting a break-in. If they’re stubborn enough to try breaking in, I could call HDB security to take them away.

I got the newest modern HDB gate design available to ensure I had the best and safest gate. It’s a beautifully designed gate made of steel, so it’s also too difficult to cut or bend open.

Does your HDB need a fire rated door? Liminal provides high-quality locks, doors, and gates that can help keep your home safe from anything. Whether you’re worried about natural disasters or break-ins, you’ll keep your home secured with the right equipment. You can learn more about their available promotional bundles and accessories by visiting Liminal’s website today.

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