Smart Ways for the CBD Oil Packaging Choices

When it comes to CBD packaging, products should generally be used that are particularly short-lived and can be easily broken down. However, there is hardly any Custom CBD oil packaging that is completely without its disadvantages for the environment. For this reason, sellers are increasingly relying on a new concept: products are sold unpackaged. The customer can bring their own cans or bags and fill the products on site. In this way, all packaging waste is avoided and CBD products are sold particularly fresh. This concept is of course not suitable for everyone and requires personal commitment and forward-looking purchasing planning on the part of the customer. This trend is still a good idea to pack CBD products in a particularly environmentally friendly way.

Conscious Use of Filling Material

In addition to the material, the amount of auxiliary packaging material also plays a role, of course and also for economic reasons. Because the less filler material is used, the cheaper it is for the sender. In addition, the economical use of filling material has an effect on the transport costs, which depend not only on the size of a shipment but also on its weight. From an ecological perspective, therefore, a filling material is required that offers the desired protection of the goods even if the actual packaging is not filled with it down to the last corner. The Custom CBD oil boxes packaging chips and Styrofoam balls fall out under this aspect. Under these circumstances, film is also only of limited use. Air cushions and air cushion bags can be used here if they can or can be made to the desired size are customizable.

Paper Packaging

Alternatively, packaging aids made of paper are available. If they are made from recycled paper, the material cycle is uninterrupted. With modern and space-saving packaging machines, these cushions convert to the required size at the push of a button, where they are needed. The volume of the raw material is increased 60 times depending on the machine. The paper cushions not only provide the desired protection and hold for the goods, they also make an effective contribution to reducing packaging material and transport costs and protecting the environment. Avoiding the Common CBD packaging mistakes is important here.

Use of Cushions

Pack the CBD oil in such a way that you can fill the cavities with as little filling material as possible. With a paper web shaped into a cushion, for example, empty spaces in the box can be filled. If the cavity is on the long and short sides of the cardboard box, you can bend the paper padding accordingly. When using air cushions, a lower air pressure ensures the malleability of the material.

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