Bong vs Hookah: What Are the Differences?

You’re at a party, and you’ve got your choice of two ways to get high: bong vs hookah. Bongs and hookahs can be pretty similar. They both offer a cool, smooth hit that’s great for sharing with others.

However, there are some important differences between the two delivery systems—and it’s these differences that will determine how high you get. So keep reading to learn which tool will help you get as high as possible.

What Is a Bong?

A bong is a filtration device used for smoking. It can be made from glass, metal, acrylic, or other materials and comes in various shapes and sizes. A bong uses water to filter the smoke and cool it down before you inhale it, so you won’t feel like your lungs are burning after smoking from one.

Bongs work by using gravity and water to draw fresh air through an attached bowl (the part where you put your weed) into the chamber. You hold the air here before inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of your bong.

A gravity bong is a tool that allows the consumer to inhale smoke straight into their lungs with gas pressure. These bongs work by immersing a chamber, which contains the weed and bowl in it, into water. You can use the smoke generated from one pull for multiple hits.

Bong Price

Bongs are not cheap if you buy them from retail stores. A bong can cost anywhere from $20 to over $300, depending on the material and size of the bong. However, the price is worth it since you will get many years’ worth of use out of your bong.

Consider spending a little more money to get a high-quality bong for yourself.

What Is a Hookah?

If you’ve smoked hookah before, then you know it’s not a solo activity. Hookah smoking is traditionally an activity that is shared with friends and family members in a social setting.

A hookah is like a bong because it has many parts that you must assemble for the device to work. A hookah has a bowl that is used to hold the herb or tobacco, a hose for inhaling, and a water chamber.

If you’re new to hookahs, check out this hookah guide to get started.

Hookah Price

You can get a 14-inch hookah for as little as $50 or up to $700. When buying a hookah, you get what you pay for. A cheap hookah will probably not last very long and may even give you a bad smoking experience.

Bong vs Hookah

Hookahs and bongs are both used for smoking cannabis. The two devices are similar in many respects, but there are also a few significant differences between them that should be taken into account.


The way a bong produces smoke differs greatly from a hookah. Bongs scatter the smoke into tiny bubbles, while hookahs produce large, soapy bubbles.


Hookah produces larger clouds of vapor than bongs do because it has more water for the smoke to travel through before reaching your mouthpiece. However, this means you’ll have to refill your hookah more often than you would need to refill your bong.


Hookah flavors tend not to be as strong as those from a bong. The smoke has to travel through more water before it hits your taste buds. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your preferences.

Improve Your Smoking Experience

Overall, the topic of bong vs hookah is really a matter of preference. If you like a more subtle taste, a hookah may be the best choice. If you want to feel the effects of your smoke more strongly and faster, a bong may be better for you.

You can learn more about smoking tools in our blog posts. Take a look at them for inspiration, or new ideas to try.

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