6 Best Instagrammable Hotels in Medan for Staycation

When choosing accommodation to stay, what exactly are your concerns? There are so many things to consider in deciding on a hotel to stay, from cost, place, to the amenities offered. However, to get a more memorable stay, the instagramable design of the resort is one of the deciding variables, particularly for those who wish to find a more modern vacation or staycation experience. For those of you who want to plan a visit to Medan or staycation in Medan, here are various instagramable resort choices in Medan that may be a modern alternative for you.

1.  MM Capsule Hotel

Not just are you able to save the budget, but it ends up that capsule resorts can also be among the most instagramable hotel choices in Medan, you understand. MM Capsule Hotel delivers a capsule-shaped lodging concept which is great for backpackers visiting Medan. The unique modern design and all the play of attractive colors make every corner of this capsule hotel seem quite instagramable and modern.

2.  Ibis Styles Medan Pattimura

Ibis Style Medan Pattimura is a hotel that from the exterior, looks unique and appealing. However, entering the inside, you will be presented with a contemporary interior together with all the dominance of decorative geometric decorations that are instagramable. Furthermore, this instagrammable hotel in Medan also offers quite capable facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, children’s play area, and meeting room facilities.

3.  Adimulia Hotel

If you want to have an instagramable and luxurious staycation encounter in Medan, then Adimulia Hotel is one of the right choices. One of the most instagrammable corners of the hotel is the rooftop pool designed with columns with classic architecture and a gorgeous view of the city of Medan in height. Besides the instagramable rooftop swimming pool, you may enjoy additional amenities while staying at this resort: a jacuzzi, gym, badminton court into your sauna, and spa. With really full facilities from this Instagramable resort in Medan, it is guaranteed that the staycation encounter will be even more memorable.

4.  Carib Boutique Hotel

Although the Carib Boutique Hotel is a 4-star resort, with its facilities and luxury, this hotel is worthy of being included among the list of recommended hotels for friends to see. The amenities offered by the Caribbean Boutique Hotel are all karaoke places, massage areas, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gift stores, free welcome drinks, and so on. The cost for a room each night in the Caribbean Boutique Hotel is approximately IDR 450.000,00-IDR 643.000.00.

5.  Kama Hotel

Staying in Kama Hotel, you can enjoy the feeling of staying at a very artsy accommodation. The interior of this instagrammable hotel in Medan is dominated by road art and industrial-style decorations. Additionally, this resort is also not afraid to play with various striking colors in each area, making every room’s visual appeal unique and instagramable.

6.  Bobotel Gatot Subroto Medan

Last but not least instagramable resort recommendation in Medan is Bobotel Gatot Subroto Medan. From the outside, this hotel construction looks quite clean and contemporary. However, entering the inside, this resort seems contemporary with the benefit of blue. Without too many ornaments, every room is designed with a contemporary minimalist decoration that is quite instagramable with a mural touch on the walls.

Vacation is more than just the scenery or food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories in good places. Discover more adventures in Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia

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