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In Oaxaca, Mexico, there are the best activities to do provide something for everyone. In addition to its delectable food and lively streets, this Mexican city is well-known for its easy access to beautiful ruins and its boisterous Day of the Dead celebrations. During our trip, we fell in love with Oaxaca and now, anytime we find ourselves thinking about Mexican food, we find ourselves randomly looking for flights to Oaxaca on the internet. Also you need to know about the restaurants in Puerto Escondido now.

Want to know what to see and do in Oaxaca if you’re going to be there? Oaxaca state (in Spanish, Oaxaca de Juarez) and the neighboring locations that are handy for day trips from Oaxaca are featured in our list of the most fascinating sites to visit in the area.

Insure yourself when travelling!

To view a broad range of ruins like this one while travelling in Mexico is one of our top suggestions. You should assume that some of the links in this post are those of affiliates. We may get a small commission if you buy anything after clicking on one of these links, but your transaction will not cost you any further money. You may find out more about it in our policy on disclosing personal information.

Go to Monte Alban

Monte Alban, an old city that was abandoned after Teotihuacan, which is situated near Mexico City, is much more lovely to us. As much as we love the original site, to say this is a bold statement. Monte Alban may have served as a major cultural hub for the Zapotec people who lived there. One of Mesoamerica’s earliest settlements, Monte Alban is located in the Sierra of Monte Alban. It’s easy to understand why going to Oaxaca is so popular; the city has so much to offer. From the top of Monte Alban, you can overlook the surrounding hills and valleys, as well as the settlements below. Visit the Zocalo, the city’s centre, while you’re in Oaxaca state.

Oaxaca’s main square is enormous, making it a good place to begin a list of things to do in the city

We were only asked if we wanted to purchase anything once, and then they moved on. This area is an oasis from the blazing heat thanks to an abundance of shade trees, colourful balloon vendors, and courteous hawkers; it’s one of our favourite spots. It’s still worth it to have lunch on the plaza, even though the restaurants around it charge a little more than in other parts of the state, just to watch the people.

Attempt a sip of mezcal

Taking a mezcal distillery tour in Oaxaca for the day is a great way to spend the time. In exchange for listening to a sales pitch at the end of the tour, we were allowed to see every step of the Mezcal manufacturing process. Agave plants with no heads were included in this process, as well as the finished product.

Breakfast in Mexico: A Quick Guide Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Morning Meal in Mexico

As you visit here you will be surprised to find the best choices for morning breakfasts. Some of the best restaurants in Oaxaca offers the best choices here. With mescal you can have the best beverages. Choose the right option here.

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