What does it mean to be successful? Interview with a woman who should know best!

Success and being successful are some of the most debated aspects of society in recent years, but no one has managed to come up with a satisfactory answer to what these mean. Until now! We believe that we’ve found not only an exponent of success but also a person who can explain to everyone what this relative term means, of course from their point of view. We’re talking about Emma, a 25-year-old Romanian brunette who lives in Birmingham, UK’s second-largest city, after the capital London.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself & your background. How did you get to England?

Emma: My childhood in Romania wasn’t the happiest, but I got up by my own strength and changed my life when I decided to go to work in Italy. I had a couple of quiet years there and I didn’t really think things could even take a turn for the better, but they did when I got the chance to come and work in Great Britain. Since then, the only way was up and today I’m living a life I couldn’t even imagine when I was back home in my country;

What do you do for a living?

Emma: I work for a top Birmingham escort agency. My job involves accompanying handsome, elegant, and wealthy men to different places: exquisite restaurants, luxurious hotel rooms, different meetings, etc. Of course, to rise to these standards, my natural beauty wasn’t enough. I had to learn how to behave in any social context, how to dress, how to become the best version of myself, basically;

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How would you define success?

Emma: I think that this is a very relative term. A person you might consider very successful might not consider themselves successful, and vice versa. Each has its own definition and you couldn’t really contradict anyone since everyone’s approach depends on their previous experiences. But it’s clear that success means to succeed in most of the things you set out to do;

Would you consider yourself successful?

Emma: I don’t like to brag a lot, but I think my evolution has proven this. The little girl from a village forgotten by the world now earns enough to lead a life in which nothing is missing and also helps everyone at home with money. I’m in a place I didn’t even dream of a few years ago, and everything is due to my ambition, work power, and favorable circumstances;

Therefore, does your success depend only on yourself?

Emma: Hey, that’s a really good question! At first sight, I tend to say yes, but I can’t take credit from the people around me. At first, I was alone abroad, but I made friends, including among employers. Now, the agency I work for helps me and takes care of other aspects of my life too, not just the professional ones. In conclusion, I think that being successful means getting what you want both professionally and personally. But everyone wishes for different things.

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