Laser Treatment For The Face And Other Areas: How To Prepare?

The world has become less conservative over the last few years as many celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anniston, and Hailey Baldwin have gone through laser treatment for their face and other areas. Many people that idolise these celebrities become more open with their beliefs and consider getting cosmetic procedures to achieve flawless skin and meet the current beauty standard.

Below are the things you need to do to come prepared for laser treatment for the face and other areas. 

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Since laser treatment emits light that stimulates the skin, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can make the skin sensitive, especially in areas where you will get laser treatment.

2. Check Your Medication

Whether you are using or taking some medications, you should check with your doctor and dermatologist if these will have adverse effects on your skin once you undergo laser treatment.

3. Remove Makeup & Body Care Products

Makeup and any body care products are other things that might cause adverse effects on your skin. Most dermatologists advise their patients to come bare face when getting atopic dermatitis treatment or other procedures in Singapore.

4. Do Not Get Other Procedures While Receiving Laser Treatment

Any other aesthetic procedures like chemical peel make the skin sensitive. If you receive one before getting a laser hair removal in Singapore, you can expect the treated areas to form redness and feel tingling.

5. Avoid Smoking & Alcohol Before Laser Treatment

Besides getting other aesthetic procedures, you should also avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, there will be inflammation in the treated areas since these vices act as a blood thinner.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water

Doing so does not only keep you hydrated, but it can also promote healing. When you get a mole check in Singapore, you can recover much faster if you drink enough water before the said procedure.

7. Skip ExfoliationTemporarily

Even though it feels good and satisfying to exfoliate dead skin, you should not do so when you plan to get a laser treatment. It could be irritating, and the result of laser treatment might be effective as it should be. Avoid that from happening by skipping exfoliation at least a few days before your laser treatment.

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