8 Facts to Know About Solar Roof Rental


The growing energy prices pushed an increasing number of individuals to invest in solar PV system options around Singapore. It can help save money and reduce energy bills. The results make the promise of free solar all the more appealing. Hence, more firms offer to install and maintain solar panels on your roof for free, a practice known as rent-a-roof.

Here are ten things to know about solar roof rental you should know.

1. Various firms offer to install free solar panels on the roof of a home at no cost to you when typical PV installations in Singapore can cost thousands of dollars.

2. Most solar leasing firms around Singapore will include the panels, installation, maintenance, and insurance in the package. Most renters are not required to pay anything.

3. However, a 25-year contract to house the panels on their roofs will bind the renters. Homeowners must agree to maintain the PV system in their Singapore homes for the whole duration.

4. It is crucial to remember that if you decide to sell your property, the subsequent owners will receive ownership of the solar roof rental contract. It may turn off potential purchasers.

5. Consumers will profit from the free energy created by the solar PV system in their homes in Singapore. However, only if they use energy while the sun is shining.

6. Stay-at-home parents, those who work from home, and those who are retired will all benefit from free solar energy from PV system leases in Singapore. The savings will be significantly smaller for homeowners that do not stay home for most of the day.

7. The solar leasing and installation firms in Singapore are the ones that profit from the incentive programme of the government, not the homeowners.

8. Buying the panels yourself is superior to investing in solar energy. However, it will only be beneficial if you have the means and can afford to purchase a solar PV system from reputable Singapore providers.

You may shop for a PV system from Singapore firms that offer the lowest price if the rent-a-roof arrangement does not appeal to you. Remember to compare bids from approved installers and only consider certified firms by reputable bodies.

Union Power is a reputable solar leasing and utility company around Singapore that work with the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Its purpose is to assist companies and individuals in better managing their energy expenses. Before entering into any power purchase agreement with a supplier, thoroughly research your options, including solar roof rental. Visit Union Power’s website to learn more about solar energy, the company, and its services.

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