How To Know A Good Heat Pump


The heat pump is widely used equipment for heating swimming pools because it is a sustainable and economical solution. In this sense, the device appears a great option because although it uses electrical energy for operation, it is four times more economical than conventional gas or electric heaters.

However, you should know how to choose the best product or get the help of quality service and licensed technicians for guidance. It is convenient to evaluate the quality of the heat pump before purchasing one. Do you know how to do that? Read the post and see how to make this assessment!

Technical Specifications And Performance Data

There is an indicator called COP – Performance Coefficient or Performance Coefficient, which is the relationship between thermal energy provided by a heat pump and the system’s electrical energy. The higher the COP, the more efficient the equipment will be.

Another data to be observed is the Thermal Power, usually presented in kW or BTU. Also, it is essential when comparing equipment from different manufacturers to verify the area and volume of the pool, indicated by each heat pump model.

The Supplier Of The Product Must Be Trusted

To assess whether a heat pump is of good quality, it is essential to know its supplier. The supplier can only be the store that sells, but it can also be the manufacturer itself. Many companies manufacture and sell their products.

In the case of a store that resells a particular manufacturer’s product, you can consider both. A renowned manufacturer whose products are often praised is reliable. Likewise, the company that sells the heat pump for example Wolfers heat pump amongst others can be a store with a good reputation in the market, known strictly for operating in the segment and offering good quality products and services.

The supplier is a differentiator when buying any product. Pay attention to this detail before applying your money to a heat pump.

The Technical Characteristics Of The Heat Pump

Finally, you should check the technical characteristics of the product. They can detail everything about the product, and so you can be aware of the qualities and limitations that the heat pump offers.

Observe high durability characteristics if it has protection against under and over voltages if there are blockages against repeated failures. Also, note if it is resistant to chemicals and radiation from ultraviolet rays (UV rays). As it will be, most of the time, it is worth making sure that it will not suffer damage from solar radiation in an exposed environment. The engineering plastic cabinet is a material that offers this type of resistance.

Be alert to the capacitors and prefer the titanium capacitors. A good heat pump must be easy to install and handle and also have a low noise level. Also, consider whether the digital panel offers the option to diagnose any system and function anomalies.


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