Dos and Don’ts of being a plumber


Plumbing job could be challenging for many. Many often don’t pick it as a job because they are unaware of the dos and don’ts. Thus, some people find it difficult to continue and leave in between. Once your mind is set to get into plumbing, don’t look back. Everything has its good and bad side. In this article we shall help you understand the dos and don’ts of being plumber. After you are thorough with these, things will seem easy to pick plumbing as a career.

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Dos and Don’ts of being a plumber:

  • Never bluff anything on your experience. You may be good with repair works such as repiping services and water connectivity however, you may have little experience or limited knowledge about remodelling of bathroom. Be honest to your client as that will earn your respect and trust more.
  • Do not take up tasks that you cannot deliver on time. Time matters to property owners and they cannot afford to wait endlessly to see the leakage repaired of their house. Thus, if you already have appointments and work in hands of other clients, feel free to decide a mutual date for the deadline with the client.
  • Mention your work experience in your credit report. That helps build trust in clients for you. Make a note of the number of commercial and residential properties you have constructed in the past. The client must feel connected to your work and can relate your work experience to his expectations.
  • Charge what you deserve and never take extra from the client if you want them for future too. Many freelance plumbers charge exorbitant visiting charges to their clients and end up having no work from them in the future. You must value the client relation and have repeated clients in future too.

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