FAQs related to AC checks and repairs

Do not panic if the AC systems work abruptly or do not function correctly. There are many common questions lurking in the minds of people when the AC stops functioning all of a sudden. These set of questions are also commonly asked by people to the technicians. Find out more about these questions and the answers provided on maintenance and protection. The answers to these will come in handy for you to tally similar problems with your AC.

Check out the most common questions along with the answers provided in this article. If you find it helpful you may share it with others too in case they may need similar information.

FAQs related to AC checks and repairs:

  • How often should I call a technician for my AC services?
  • The frequency of the technician’s visits may vary as per the model and brand selected by you. Technically, any good quality AC models needs 4 visits in a year to ensure longer life. You may also ask the same question to your technician as he knows the history of your model well. 

  • How can I confirm if my AC is damaged and I need a technician?
  • One of the most basic things to notice is whether your AC is cooling well. If you are unable to get the desired cool air, perform a basic check on your thermostat. You may have to replace the batteries of your thermostat. In case the AC continues to give the same issues, it’s time to call for a technician.

  • How do I know if my AC needs a replacement?
  • Replacing the old AC with the new one is an investment of money. However, you need to ensure if replacement of the entire unit is necessary. Ideally, the average life of any AC is about 10 to 20 years only. After that, the AC is likely to increase the consumption units of your energy.

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