Get Deals and Discounts in the 12 Days of Christmas Deals at BBQs 2u

Even though many have suffered due to the third pandemic wave, people aren’t mourning for the past, but embracing the future. The government has imposed strict restrictions, people are planning to stay indoors, but ensuring that Christmas and New Year Eve are still enjoyed. Barbecue is the best way to bring all families together. 

BBQs 2u is the best and quite in demand barbecue retailer in the UK. Their passion for a barbecue can be seen in the stock they keep. They have seen tough competition during a pandemic when most Britons were ordering grills and ovens for their indoor and outdoor parties.

However, to their surprise, this winter is no different from the summer barbecue parties. People are all set to remove snow from the backyard and arrange their Kamado Joe or Napoleon grill on the lawn. 

Looking at the enthusiasm among people BBQs 2u decided to maintain their thrill by introducing exciting deals in December. Their recent Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 Sale includes a bundle deal where along with the Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 customers also receive a Do Joe and Joe Tisserie Rotisserie – Kamado Joe Big Joe. The original price for the bundle package is £3,287.00 but the discount rate is £3,252.60. a complete saving of £34.40. 

Above all on purchase of Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 customers also get free Big Joe Grill cover, Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal of 9kg, half-moon cast iron reversible griddle, and Flamers Natural firelighters. Kamado Joe Big Joe is also a fascinating product perfect for a huge gathering. The huge thick ceramic wall container can keep heat and smoke inside maintaining the moisture and flavor in meat intact. 

In the Kamado Joe Big Joe Sale, customers can buy Big Joe 2 or 3 and get a heavy discount. The Big Joe 2 is being sold at a 15% discount. This means the original price is £1,949 customers will get it at the price of £1,656.65. Moreover, they will also get some gifts mentioned in the above bundle deals of Kamado Joe Big Joe 3. 

Recently on December 1, 2021, BBQs 2u launched an offer of 20% off on the half-moon deflector plates of all Kamado Joe Big Joes. Their 12 days of Christmas deals were quite exciting and fun-filled. Every customer who visited their website or social media page came across at least one of the deals that were lucrative. Each day they introduced a new promotion or offers, which lasts till midnight or for a few more days.

Whether it is for Kamado Joe Big Joes, Classics, KamadoSpace Infinite Island, Masterbuilt series, napoleon series, or the Ooni Pizza ovens, they had an offer running in all of the products. 

The BBQs 2u owner has always been passionate about barbecue and so he keeps trying everything new that comes in the market. Their mission is to keep the barbecue grilling trend alive no matter what situation they come across. Most of their loyal customers follow them on Instagram and other social media pages. They learn the latest news and information about different barbecue products and their accessories. They also come across several deals and offers provided by the company. 

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