Different Types of Senior Living & Their Individual Benefits 

Depending on a whole host of different factors, one person’s daily life as an older adult or elderly person can differ dramatically from the next. 

Health, of course, is always going to be a primary factor, but whereas some enjoy the freedom and adventure of their own company, others prefer to be surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Senior living communities offer older people the opportunity to embrace again and to the right amount of care that they both want and need. Here are the three main types of options for senior living and their various benefits.

Care Homes 

Firstly, residential care homed are one of the most popular and prestigious places for older adults and older adults to reside, should they find it difficult or impossible to continue living on their own safely, and cannot have their family or someone hired to come and care for them 24-hours a day.

Generally, even though the level of activity in the avaries significantly from one person to the next, a care home will be able to provide the highest level of care from trained caregivers, who will encourage them to keep up with as much exercise and independent activities as they are able to.

Prestigious stanshawes a care home in Yate, is one of the most well-respected care homes in the area, with dedicated, compassionate, and trained staff members who always place the wellbeing and happiness of their residents at the forefront. 

Assisted Living Facilities

Next, assisted living facilities are a kind of senior living community for those older people who are, for the most part at least, happy and able to live out their daily lives, taking care of themselves along the way, like anyone else.

Perhaps, for example, there is a resident who has issues with their balance and requires additional equipment in the home that they were not able to invest in before, or else there is another resident who cannot walk unassisted.

Assisted living facilities will cater to every resident on an individual basis and, what is more, change and adapt as their residents’ level of assistance changes too, with key features of such a community including the following, to name just a few:

  • 24/7 Assistance Via an Emergency Alarm System
  • Extra-Care Housing Options
  • A Wide Team of Support Staff
  • Communal Lounges
  • Packed & Varied Activity Schedules 

Independent Living Facilities 

Finally, independent living facilities are senior living communities that are essentially the same for residents as when they lived in their own homes, yet without the financial stress and pressures, as well as home and maintenance responsibilities. 

Independent living facilities are for those older adults who are mentally and physically capable of living alone or with their husband or wife. They are now focused on making the most of every moment.

With no considerations around money and the lack of tasks and chores to do every day, residents living in independent communities benefit from a hugely improved level of freedom, allowing them to embrace their golden years with adventure and excitement at the forefront. 

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