Everything You Need to Know About Ipamorelin Peptide


In this article, we will give you proper scientific insights that have been unearthed regarding the Ipamorelin Peptide. Since this peptide is not in common circulation and is not a common topic for research as well, the article will give you information that is not available on most platforms. It has immense potential for the study of disease causing microbes and for human physiology. Let us take a closer look at what this molecule is and its applications in research. 

Ipamorelin Peptide Explained

Ipamorelin is a sequence of chemicals that bind to the receptors of the growth hormone. The peptide is quite selective and works specifically. It is not responsible for the non specific release of hormones such as ACTH, prolactin. 

Follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone and cortisol. Because the peptide is specific in nature, it is ideal to conduct research that is based on observing the process of receptor binding. It can be conceptualized as a potential therapeutic chemical as well too. 

The peptide interacts with the receptors that are located on the surface of the target cell and helps in bringing about a cellular response. It can be used to generate secretions from the pituitary gland, the hormones from which produce the effects of growth and bodily development. 

It triggers the secretion of the insulin- like growth factor-1 and inhibits the secretion of somatostatins. The peptide is used to promote the overall physical growth as well as its maintenance by repairing the skeletal tissue and muscles. Its study can be used to trace the functioning of these hormones and how they bring about physical changes. 

Applications of the Ipamorelin Peptide For Research

The ipamorelin peptide has been used in the following research projects:

  • Treatment for postoperative ileus (POI)
  • To study and diagnose cardiac disorders through PET scans
  • To study its role in muscle growth and maintenance
  • To study their use as an alternative to the side- effect causing Glucocorticoids 
  • To study the link between ipamorelin peptide and diabetes

Commercial Specifications

This peptide is available at a commercial level only for research purposes. The following are its commercial details:

Price: $53.00 for 5mg

The customers get a discount of 5 percent for orders ranging from 5-9 mg and a discount of 10 percent for orders exceeding 10 mg. 

Chemical Specifications

Chemical Formula: C38H49N9O5

Molecular Weight: 711.85 g/mol

Sequence of Chains: Aib-His-D-2Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH2


This peptide which is synthesized in the USA, has hitherto not been given its due in research. There are many reasons behind this. The company that fabricates this peptide decided to discontinue research on this drug. There are merits to conducting extensive research in this field because it can be used to understand the different aspects of human physiology and in pathology. The peptide is also known to cause side effects in mice. This molecule is only meant to be used for research and not for human and animal consumption. It is also only available to licensed labs for research.

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