3 Services A Live Streaming Business in Singapore Can Provide


Because of the pandemic, many corporate events and meetings had to be moved to a digital format. Since then, we’ve become accustomed to the practice. While the situation continues to improve daily, your company might still need to host online meetings and video conferencing in Singapore.

Whether you’re planning a hybrid AGM or a webinar to interact with your consumer base, quality is essential to hosting an online event. That’s why you should contact live streaming services in Singapore. Live streaming services have professional equipment, such as Full HD and 4K UHD camera systems, to make your web events high-quality. You’ll also be given a team of professionals in web production to ensure everything runs smoothly. They can also provide animation production graphics one might expect from a film instead of a web event, such as title cards.

Here are a few events that live streaming services in Singapore can help you host.

Professional Webinars

Webinars offer a way to send a message and suggest forms of communication towards your consumer base, which is essential for the growth of a business. Appealing to what an audience wants or needs is the key to success. Video conferencing in Singapore can offer several ways for an audience to interact with your company, and a live streaming company can help you set them up. Choose between Q&A, polling, other forms of communication or all of the above.

You can plan and host video conferencing in Singapore for your company for various reasons. You can introduce a new product and show how to use it or spend the whole webinar answering questions from your consumer base. The possibilities are endless, so brainstorm with your team.

Virtual and Hybrid AGMs

An Annual General Meeting, or AGM, is one of the most critical meetings a business can have. Since many high-profile members such as executives, directors, and shareholders will attend the meeting, an AGM webcast in Singapore must be flawless to make a good impression and ensure clear communication between everyone throughout the session.

Virtual AGMs mean everyone attends the meeting through a call. Meanwhile, hybrid AGMs in Singapore allow people to go to the office. Usually, these are the primary hosts and presenters of the meeting. A professional team will come with the hosts to ensure everything goes well if you hire a live streaming service.

Live Streaming

There may come a time when your company will start working in your office again, but people still aren’t willing to go to crowded events. In these situations, you can have professional live streaming in Singapore. Your team can unveil a new product from your office while audiences worldwide can watch without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

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