You Bet: The Best Casino Games to Play Online

Whether using money or in-game tokens, the thrill of winning the best casino games online can turn a bad day around.

The best part? Gambling in pajamas while snuggling your dog!

You don’t need tons of online gambling buddies to know you’re far from alone. You and other online bettors helped the global market reach a growth rate of over 10%.

Want to keep supporting your favorite online casinos? Try this list of the best online casino games.

1. Find Joy in Simple Sic Bo

Generally speaking, you don’t hear about sic bo like you do slots and poker. Yet, this Chinese dice game is popular in online and physical casinos worldwide. At some locations, it’s one of the best live online casino games.

The three rolling dice are almost hypnotic—perfect for stress relief. Sic bo is also one of the best online casino games available live at some locations.

2. Wager on Physical and Electronic Sports

Moneylines, spreads, over/under lines, prop bets, parlays, and more: All the sports wagering you love is one of the best online casino games categories.

You don’t have to call shady bookies anymore. Every year, more locales legalize online sportsbooks. All you need is a smartphone or computer to put money on your favorite sports.

3. Win Without a Good Poker Face

As fun as poker is, some shy away because they can’t keep straight “poker faces” and give opponents tips. Good news for them, though: Online gambling is here to save expressive poker players!

Newbie players can learn on automated games and graduate to live games with digital avatars…with flawless digital poker faces. The differences between in-person and most online casino poker games tend to benefit the less-skilled.

Still, don’t worry if you’re a power player and miss reading faces. Plenty of online casinos offer video poker, and it’s a developing feature in many others. In that version of the game, players get small video boxes instead of avatars.

4. Embrace Classic Online Slot Machines

There’s no arguing that slots are the hallmark of online casino games. Developers like Pragmatic Play supply casinos with hundreds if not thousands of games. Between all the colorful and imaginative themes, the selection of digital slots on many gambling websites dwarfs that of physical casinos.

If you like jumping from game to game, digital slot “machines” could well be the best online casino games for you. Variety exists not only in visuals and soundtracks but also in slot machine game rules. Getting a varied gaming experience is a cinch without leaving the slots category.

The Best Casino Games and Other Ways to Have a Great Time

This list of some of the best casino games to play anywhere you go is a taste of countless ways to play. Once you’ve had your fill of betting online for now, why not find other things to enjoy? You’re already in the right place to learn.

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