What Are the Different Ways of Playing Online Games?

Gaming has come a long way. No longer do you need to be glued to the arcade just to play some of the available games. Now there are numerous options, platforms, and avenues you can use to play your favorite online games. In this article, we will be looking at some of the more popular ones.


The internet has changed the way we play games on consoles. In the past, you had to buy physical copies of a game and play them on your console. Things changed when digital downloads became a thing, with gamers able to download their favorite games directly into their gaming consoles. They would receive regular updates from the developers that fixed bugs, added features to the game, or just kept things fresh.

Online games came to consoles, and everything changed. Players are now able to play numerous multiplayer games online and with their friends. This is a radical shift that has turned gaming into a social activity in more ways than it has ever been before.

PC Gaming

PC gaming was relegated to the sidelines until the era of LAN gaming in the early 2000s. This was also the area of the CD and DVD, both of which made it easier for gamers to acquire the games they wanted to play. CDs were perfect for smaller games while DVDs allowed players to install games using multiple disks.

With the explosion of the internet in the early 2000s, online gaming became a thing, with casinos some of the first parties to establish online playing platforms. From here, various game developers built online gaming into their games, even those that came on disks.

As with consoles, complete online gaming on PC would come a bit later, with games hosted on servers and with players only having to install a small part of the game to enable the connection. Now, online gaming is ubiquitous with all gamers having played at least one online game. The rise of online streaming has also led to the explosion of the popularity of online games and playing for an audience. All a gamer needs is a good setup to start playing and streaming. Gamers can check out the different Lenovo gaming set-ups to see the options available for both gaming and streaming.

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones rose to prominence in the late 2000s and early 2010s and have become an important part of the online gaming phenomenon. 

Smartphones have become gradually more powerful as mobile technology advances, and they are now capable of much more than the calling, texting, and internet surfing they were initially intended for. Smartphones are so capable that there are now dedicated online mobile gaming communities playing different games and organizing tournaments among themselves.

With how popular mobile games have become, we can expect to see more online mobile games in the future.


Online gaming is still relatively new considering the history of gaming, but its rise and importance to gaming cannot be understated. Players have several ways to play their favorite games, and developers have to continue creating new games to keep up.

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