Quality Of Your Text Layout And Design

UX design goes far beyond choosing pictures and adding videos to your website. There’s a part of web design that continually gets neglected, and that is the text layout. Word is an art, and your text layout reflects how these words will look on your website and screen. The manner texts appear always matter, and this doesn’t change with websites. This post will explore how text layout is essential and its role in your overall website quality.

Why Do Text Layouts Matter?

Words used to be the job of the copywriter; this is no longer the case. The way your texts appear on your visitors’ screen determines if your visitors will stay awhile. Below are some reasons why text layouts and design matters.

  • Your Visitors Care

Huge text blocks can make people bail on your website. When people come across typography, terrible font sizes, and terrible spacing, reading is stressful. Readers will close your website and miss out on the excellent content you have to offer.

  • Text and Designs Are Interrelated

While content might draw a visitor to your website, the web design makes them stay. Without the right design and visual, content is incomplete. That doesn’t mean adding too much content that drowns out your content.

  • Improves Traffic

Improving your text layout design can go a long way in enhancing traffic to your website. A few extra minutes can be what makes your site become a flop or a viral site. The principles of layout are pretty easy to follow with the right tools.

How to Improve Page Layout

Below are some tips to improve your type layout and overall web design to provide readers with better pages to keep them around.

  • Placement

You need a grid to help space out objects on your website, so it doesn’t appear unstructured. You can incorporate a patterned grid while editing to ensure there’s just enough space between your objects. This factor will help to guide your visitors through the content and will improve the overall web design.

  • Visuals

An image is usually the object your visitors see first when they visit the website. It is what will make them stay a while and stare instead of just swiping through. Place the images in the right spots that will help them understand the overall content. Text and visuals should flow together instead of confusing the reader or breaking away their interest.

  • Texts

An important but overlooked part of your web design is the web design. The fonts affect how people feel about your content and how they will perceive your content. People tend to view Times New Roman font as official, while Comic Sans is casual. Make sure your chosen typeface is readable and matches your content tome. You can play around with fonts to find what suits you. The size is just as important, so use the font’s proper size, not too large or too tiny to read. Remember, the font speaks to the readers before your words get to them.

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