What Are the Best Outdoor Landscape Lights In Orlando?

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your house, or adding on to your existing property, there are several different types of lightscapes outdoor lighting  available to suit your needs. These lighting fixtures are designed to highlight different features of your landscape, keeping your yard at the center of attention. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, allowing you to choose the perfect lights for your needs.

Bullet style landscape lights are available in pairs or sets, and they are perfect for accenting a variety of features of your home. They feature durable acrylic housings that can withstand the elements. They are ideal for use with most low-voltage systems, but the installation process might be more challenging for the inexperienced.

Well lights are also available, and they are designed to shine light upward. They are usually buried in the ground, and they can provide light all over your yard or patio. They provide a warm, atmospheric glow to your home, and they can help to illuminate architectural features such as a statue or a fountain. These lights usually come with a transformer. They are also very easy to install. They can be positioned to direct light at different points, and they are often designed with shock-resistant tempered glass that can withstand the impacts of foot traffic. They also come with a one-year product warranty and an 18-month replacement service.

Spotlight effect outdoor lights are another type of light that are perfect for accenting a variety of landscape features. They feature a 270-degree adjustable head that makes it easy to direct light at different angles. These lights are also IP-rated to protect them from water. They have a pressure rubber gasket that prevents water from entering the light fixture. They have a 54-degree beam angle that makes it easy to illuminate the face of your house, and they also feature a warm, 2,700 Kelvin color temperature.

Solar disk lights are another option for outdoor landscape lighting. They feature eight LEDs per light, and they can be aimed to different areas. They can be used to illuminate a patio, a lawn, or even a pathway. They come with a six-lumen rating, and they can work in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have an automatic on/off feature. They are also very durable and are resistant to rain and snow. They have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which means they’ll last a long time.

String lights are also an option for landscape lighting. They are available in several different lengths, and they are also available in different bulb colors. They can add light to an entire walkway, but they may not be as energy efficient as LEDs. They are also less durable than LEDs, and they may have a shorter lifespan.

LEDs are also available, and they use up to 10 times less energy than halogen bulbs. These lights are also very durable, and they can last up to 40,000 hours, which is more than double that of halogens. They also use about 1 to 11 watts of power, which is much less than the typical halogen. However, they are also more expensive than halogens, and you should expect to pay a lot more for them.



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