The 6 Best Security System Types In Singapore Worth Considering

The recent news of horrific crimes allegedly linked to theft, burglary, break-ins, robbery, or worse, murder has caused panic in many people. They are starting to see a security system in Singapore as a good investment for their safety and property. Although the crime rate in the country is low and close to zero, it still gets everyone thinking twice about their property security. Alarmingly, burglary incidents have been on the rise in some countries since last year, which is why investing in security devices is a good idea.

In light of these events, many authorities in the country put up various prevention pages to inform the public on ways to lower the risks of becoming victims of these crimes and highly recommend an access control system in Singapore. If you aim to be more protected, read on to discover the six best types of security systems.


One door access system in Singapore to get is magnetic locks. The owner can only unlock the door using a plastic card or a card access control system. Typically, the card has the same appearance, thickness, and size as a credit card. It comes with a unique Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) code or a SMART chip only the owner has.


If you want a more innovative door access system in Singapore, consider getting your hand on a remote-controlled door lock. This type enables you to access the property in various ways without getting up or going near the door. You can unlock through your mobile phone, SMART technology like Alexa, fingerprint, keypad, card, or voice command.


Another door access system type in Singapore worth considering is the key fob. Key fobs have personalised codes embedded in them that you can use to unlock your portal. To use this, you can place the fob across the reader. It automatically disengages once it detects your code. You may keep this with a lanyard or keychain or inside a wallet or purse.


This security system in Singapore allows you to see who is outside your door or gate without having to take a peek at the peephole or open the door. This type gives you privacy and convenience while ensuring you stay secure.


This security system in Singapore is like a camera doorbell. However, it is well-hidden in the peephole, allowing you to discreetly view the guest outside without alerting or letting the visitor know you’re home.


Last on this list, this door access system type in Singapore can help reduce your worries about losing your keys and changing your locks. This system can be battery-operated or through a light-up keypad.

Whether for your home or office, getting a door access system in Singapore can benefit you, your property, your family, and your security in the long run. But it shouldn’t stop there. Besides these security devices, it is also crucial to practice habits that can help, including securing all locks, checking doors, windows, and other easy accesses, staying alert, and keeping valuables out of sight.

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