Welcome To The Dark Side: The Dangers Of Black Hat SEO And Its Vendors

SEO has been an essential tool in ramping up your digital marketing. But with tough competition, even hiring an SEO agency does not guarantee an ace performance in digital marketing. It can be frustrating for many companies sometimes. So instead of hiring a white hat SEO company in Singapore, they choose black hat SEO vendors.

Black hat SEO vendors give SEO services in Singapore using unethical methods and practices. These methods usually involve using hidden texts, link spams, redirects, and cloaking, among others.

Here are the reasons why you should avoid black hat SEO vendors:

1. Your website can be penalised.

Search engines today can easily detect these unethical methods of black hat SEO services in Singapore. They regularly update their algorithms to eradicate the websites that use them. Once browser engines catch the black hat SEO technique on your site, they can lower your rankings, penalise, and ban your website.

2. Temporary promising results

The immediate spike in traffic is promising for many companies; however, these results are usually short-lived. Engines change their algorithms frequently, fixing the system loopholes a black hat SEO company in Singapore takes advantage of. Thus, these unethical techniques are unsustainable.

3. It tarnishes your reputation.

Black hat SEO is illegal in nature. Imagine rivals learning your company is using the unethical method to get the upper hand. Also, the audience is internet smart and sceptical nowadays and may find your website sketchy. You don’t want to break your audience’s trust in your site, right.

4. Prone to hacking

There is no stringent layer of security and regulation when using backlinks in the black hat SEO. Therefore, your SEO agency may not guarantee protection from hackers and cyber attackers.

5. Revenue loss

Once your website gets penalised and banned from the search engine, you need to spend money to establish a new one. Recovering your site from hackers is expensive.

It is better to stick with the white hats!

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