Total Men’s Health: 3 Common Men’s Health Issues (And What to Do)

Men can suffer from a wide range of health issues. Seeing as women outlive men by up to 5 years, it’s clearly important to look after your health as a man.

But what issues should men look out for? Are there any you have or didn’t even know you had? And most importantly, what should you do if you have any of these health issues?

If you’re interested in total men’s health, keep reading as we discuss three common men’s health issues that you should look out for.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also commonly referred to as impotence. It refers to when you can’t obtain or sustain a penile erection during sexual intercourse with another partner. Although almost every male adult will indeed experience impotence once in a while, it affects many more men almost daily.

What To Do:

Many women ask themselves, “Is it my fault that my partner has erectile dysfunction?”. However, contrary to popular belief, ED is not related to anything psychological and is not always permanent. If you’re suffering from ED, your best course of action is to visit your local GP or urologist to address your health concerns and treatment.

2. Low Testosterone

In men, low testosterone (a condition also medically referred to as “male hypogonadism”) is caused when the testes don’t produce enough testosterone, a male sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for developing and maintaining:

  • Muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Sexual and reproductive functioning
  • Sexual features
  • Sufficient levels of red blood cells

As men age, the level of testosterone the body produces drops at around 1% per year, naturally beginning after age 30.

What To Do:

Low testosterone symptoms in men’s health can include low libido, depression, irritability, loss of muscle strength, and erectile dysfunction. Visit a doctor so they can run some blood tests if you suspect you are suffering from low testosterone. You might also be supplied with men’s health supplements targeted at low testosterone.

3. Prostate Cancer

While everyone is susceptible to various cancers, some cancers can target men, such as colorectal, prostate, lung, and skin. With prostate cancer being the most common cancer in American men next to skin cancer, it’s wise to know a little bit about it.

As men age, the chances of prostate cancer increase. Typically, this type of cancer is found in men from the age of 65 or older. It’s also hereditary, so if someone in your family has had prostate cancer, there is a higher chance that you could get it later in life.

What To Do:

Visit your local health care provider to discuss getting screened for prostate cancer, which you should start considering from age 40 upward.

The Importance of Complete and Total Men’s Health

Being aware of your body and understanding what risks come with certain ages can go a long way to preventing something more serious from occurring. If you notice any changes in your body that you can’t explain, always consult a medical professional to make sure.

Men have to be especially vigilant with screenings and checkups, so take the time to see your local GP regularly for complete and total men’s health.

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