How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Did you know that about more than one-third of adults in America are considered obese? That’s a lot of extra weight.

The sad thing is that the rate is going up every year. Over half of overweight adults never lose the extra pounds. That’s not something you want to happen to you.

So if you want to know how to gain weight in a healthy way and not slowly kill yourself in the process, keep reading and we’ll walk you through it.

Increase Caloric Intake With Nutritious Whole Foods

To gain weight, it’s important to increase your calorie intake through healthy, nutritious foods. Whole foods provide more nutrition than processed foods, so making wholesome choices for snacks and meals can help support a healthy weight gain.

For example, opt for oatmeal or whole grain toast in the morning instead of sugary cereals. Pair snacks like hummus and veggies with whole grain crackers and make meals with lean proteins. Take plenty of colorful fruits, veggies, and complex carbohydrates like quinoa or brown rice.

Focus on Healthy Fats and Protein Sources

Opt for heart-healthy foods that are not overly processed, such as oils from:

  • nuts and seeds
  • olives
  • avocados
  • fish
  • chicken
  • lean cuts of beef

Adding small amounts of these items to your meals can help increase overall calorie intake.

Plant-based sources of fat and protein, such as legumes, tempeh, soy, quinoa, nuts, and seeds, are also excellent. Whenever possible, look for organic sources of these fats and proteins to ensure you are not ingesting unnecessary chemicals or additives.

Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Routine

Strength training helps build muscle and increase your basal metabolic rate, which means more fat and calories burned overall. Doing strength training exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and rows, three times a week is the ideal way to build and preserve muscle.

Your training program should include lighter weight and higher repetitions for muscle conditioning as well as more weight and fewer repetitions for maximum muscle gains.

Hydrate and Consume Nutritional Supplements

Consuming nutritional supplements can also help ensure the necessary intake of important micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the diet. Hydration is also important for proper nutrition and weight gain. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is essential to help boost weight gain.

Find Balance With Restorative Practices

Restorative practices like yoga, meditation, and stretching help to support the body as it adapts to the added physical weight. Furthermore, restorative practices help to support a healthy sleep cycle and stress level, which are important for physical and mental health. A combination of regular exercise, restorative practices, and healthy eating is necessary to gain weight healthily.

Learn How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way Today

Weight gain can be achieved if you know how to gain weight in a healthy way. Include balanced meals with proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, and increase your calorie intake as needed. Exercise also plays an important role in gaining a healthy weight, so be sure to include physical activities in your daily routine.

Consult your doctor for a tailored weight gain plan that is best for you. Start your weight gain journey today to enjoy the long-term health benefits.

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