Design Elements All Family Kitchens Need

Many families think of the kitchen as the heart of their home. It’s a social space, where family members spend time together cooking, eating, and catching up in a relaxed atmosphere. So, it makes sense that before committing to any kind of kitchen remodel, you should take the time to make sure you’ve got all of the elements that your family needs. Here are some things to think about when you are designing a kitchen for your family.

A Layout That Suits Your Family

When it comes to family kitchens, there’s no right way to do things. Some families prefer a child-free zone. They like to keep the kids safely out of the way while they cook and would rather not eat in the kitchen. Other families love a social space where the kids can come and help, learn their own kitchen skills and spend time with their parents.

Think about the kitchen that you want, and make sure you have a layout that suits your needs. St Albans kitchen designs can help you to design a space that offers everything you need, whether it’s a trendy adult-only area or a more open-plan design with plenty of room for children.

Sensible Storage

Storage is always important in the kitchen. Good storage minimises clutter and means that you can keep things like knives safely out of reach. It also means that you can give your children low cupboards to keep all of the things that they need to help out in the kitchen.


If you envisage a family kitchen filled with chat and laughter, seating is a must. Even if you have a separate dining room, a table and chairs in the kitchen gives you all a place to relax together.

Safety Features

While your children are young, you’ll need to think about keeping things out of reach, but also adding stools to help them reach surfaces, and even the position of the taps and kettle, and how you’ll keep the oven safe.

Easy To Clean Surfaces and Floors

When children cook, they make a mess. As a parent, you might want to limit mess but being too careful can mean that they don’t enjoy themselves, and don’t want to help out or learn more again. Instead of being too cautious, make sure you’ve got easy-to-clean worktops and floors so you can all tidy up any spills quickly without leaving stains or damage.


A family kitchen should be fun and comfortable. Add colour with accessories, plants, books on shelves and personal touches like prints on the walls, photographs, and soft furnishings around the seating area. The kitchen should be neat and practical, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and colourful.

A new kitchen is a big commitment, so it’s worth making sure you take the time to consider your family’s needs, but also how your family could grow and evolve in the future. Make sure you’ve got a room that meets your needs now and can change to suit your family in the future. Working with a designer or kitchen specialist can be a great idea.

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