6 Benefits of Using a Moped in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it still has a fantastic transport system that’s not too pricey. However, if you use public transport to commute everywhere, the cost will soon add up, so you may as well invest in an alternative – like a moped. Having your own mode of transport means you can escape the summer swelter of the metro and say goodbye to being squashed into a metal tin like sardines.

The Low Cost

The tube might feel like the cheapest mode of transport at the time, but repeated use will leave a large hole in your pocket. Whereas, a moped will involve a larger initial investment and then begin to feel cheaper, which is a win. Even if you choose to ride a stylish moped, like one of these Aprilia scooters, you’re only looking at around £3k (much cheaper than a car).

Travel on Your Terms

When you’re bound by public transport, you’ll often be faced with a series of delays, strikes, and sporadic line closures, which may lead to being late for important meetings. Luckily, if you ride a moped, you can say goodbye to these issues because you’re free to travel whenever you like. Additionally, you’ll have access to the bus lanes, which means you can zoom past lines of traffic and reach your destination much sooner.

Explore Your City

If you live London life with your head buried underground, you’ll never learn how to navigate the surface. When you miss out on exploring the city, you may not even know that these fantastic venues exist. Not only will you find new places to enjoy, but you’ll also experience the exhilarating feeling of riding alongside a fresh breeze passing you by, which will fill you with the overwhelming satisfaction of not being stuck in the metro.

Freedom to Socialise

Going out to meet friends in London every weekend soon catches up with you, especially when you next take a look at your bank balance. Fortunately, having a moped can save you money on getting to and from your destination, and the bonus is, having no passenger space means that you won’t become the go-to taxi service for all your friends.

Cheap Parking

Finding a spot to park in London is challenging, but you’ll have a much easier time with a moped. As well as this, many councils don’t charge two-wheeled vehicles for parking, as long as they’re inside designated parking bays. However, regardless of where you choose to park, you need to look out for signage – you don’t want to walk away with a parking ticket.

Easy Start-Up

Before you ride a moped, you’ll need to complete the CBT (compulsory basic training) and hold a provisional licence. After this, you’re free to ride a moped with learner plates, and you’ll have two years to get used to the roads before taking your full practical test.

Getting around London isn’t always pleasant, especially when using public transport. A moped, however, gives you the freedom to travel without being bound by rush hour traffic and the logistics of the underground.

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