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How can customers and business partners get in touch with the organization if there is a power outage? Using cloud-hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems, this is possible. We’ll go through how it works and the three most important things to remember.

An outage has occurred

In the corporate sector, this might have a significant impact. Not only does downtime result in financial losses, but it also prevents the company from replying to e-mails and customer inquiries, resulting in a loss of productivity.

In my opinion, everyone has experienced a power outage of this kind at some point in their lives

The impact on firms with a high number of call centers or other points of interaction with customers through telephone is significant. We don’t have to let this happen to our loved ones.In the case of a power failure or other internal issues, the most vital electronic communication route, the Virtual Phone number, may continue to function, keeping your clients and business partners in the dark.

A VoIP phone system that makes use of mobile devices

Smartphones and other mobile devices should be incorporated into the telephone infrastructure to enable basic functionality. When installed on a smartphone, apps act as a kind of computer subscriber extension. In addition to the company’s primary phone number and its extensions, you may also make outbound calls from the company’s landline phone number. Rather than just forwarding incoming calls to a mobile phone, this is a lot more creative solution (unconditional call forwarding).

Indeed, the battery life of smartphones is limited. So, what can be done to keep desktop phones around?

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is suggested for usage as the main power source for phones

The majority of contemporary virtual phone system are powered by PoE, which is a method of delivering power over the Internet. In this case, an Ethernet (LAN) connection may be used to provide power to the network’s devices. In addition to freeing up space in the under-desk power connection strips, which are notoriously congested, this method also saves money by not requiring a second power supply unit. During a power outage, the PoE switch is the main point of contact for powering the telephone network.

This is how it all happens

After connecting the PoE switch to the UPS, electricity is immediately available. When the UPS is powered up, no downtime is experienced during the switchover. The office server, switches, firewall, and Internet router should be able to function for at least 15 minutes on a backup power source (UPS). The typical output power for an eight-port PoE switch is between 130 and 160 watts.

In the event of a network outage, a backup internet connection is provided

In order to continue making VoIP calls, you must have a backup power supply for your modem/router, which is your internet connection. Additionally, you’ll be in a far better position to avoid detection in the event of a power failure in your telephone customer communication system.

VoIP or cloud telephony is becoming an increasingly popular and cost-effective replacement to traditional ISDN phone systems for a variety of reasons beyond merely power outages. Below, you’ll find some of the most compelling reasons to make a change: ISDN telephony is being phased out: What you need to know to make your company ready for all-IP phone systems!

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