Are you also anxious about your furnace’s constant switching off?

We purchase a furnace for keeping us comfortable throughout the harsh winter months. A single problem in it can frustrate us to a limit. One such issue that many people go through is frequent turning off of furnace unit. In simple terms, it is known as short cycling leading to costly repairs. Read out some possible causes behind it and how you can resolve them with expert technicians.

  • Dirty air filter

The HVAC filters can easily catch the dirt, hair, and different pollutants that can hamper furnace working. Therefore, the professionals suggest changing the air filters frequently before they get clogged and minimizes the airflow. As a safety mechanism, the furnace automatically shut down.

  • Clogged air vents

The dirty filters are not only the trouble maker, even the air vents can limit the airflow and overheat the furnace system. So, you should look out for the blocked air vents or can call experts who have good knowledge of this.

  • Filthy blower wheel

Discussing the furnace blower, it comes with blades to move the air via ductwork. In any case, they are covered in dirt; it will be difficult for air to move properly resulting in short cycling. The approach of replacing the air filter can help in preventing dirty blower wheel.

  • Defective thermostat

The next thing to do is inspecting the thermostat at your home. This is so because it is the core of the HVAC system and controls the furnace working. Ensure that your thermostat is set on heating mode and works at the desired temperature. Don’t forget to change the batteries too or else opt for a smart thermostat.

  • Smoky flame sensor

The flame sensors are installed in the home with the purpose of turning off the gas valve when there is no burner flame going on. The sensors are not able to sense the flame if they are covered with soot.

The bottom line

There are lots of troubles that your furnace can give to you. If you are thinking to fix them on their own, then you can’t do it. Abacus Plumbing is available for you throughout the clock for providing residential and commercial service. Call to connect with them.


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