A Day in the Life of Scott Sandell and His Daughter

A day in the life of Scott Sandell. As you might expect, it’s a busy day. It starts with a morning workout at the gym, followed by some time in the office. Then he could take a break, do some work on his computer, then head over to a meeting with his team. After that, he might go home to make dinner and read a book with his wife. Before retiring, he was a teacher at a local high school and worked as a graphic designer.

A day in the life of Scott Sandell

Scott Sandell daughter, Anna, is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She remains in a surgical ICU at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. Her family is very cautiously optimistic about her recovery. They are grateful for every day without bad news.

But as a parent, Sandell is more concerned with her long-term prognosis. Until recently, the family lived in a quaint, rural town outside Dartmouth. The Sandells have a large circle of friends and relatives.

As a child, Anna was a champion rower. She trained thousands of hours for this sport. Now, she is on the sidelines, injured in a snowmobile accident on January 10th.


New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a venture capital firm specializing in investments in technology firms across five continents. The firm has invested nearly $24 billion in technology since 1977. NEA specializes in medical devices, enterprise systems, and software. Its portfolio of companies includes Juniper Networks, 3Com, Silicon Graphics, and Silicon Valley Lighting.

NEA recently announced its 15th fund, raising $3.1 billion. The commitments include $350 million in the Opportunity Fund and $2.8 billion in the core fund. As of the end of the fourth quarter, NEA had committed more than $17 billion in the funds it had founded.


Managing General Partner of New Enterprise Associates, Sandell, has the dubious honor of having been at the forefront of some of the most critical enterprise deals in the past several decades. Some of his notable investments include Fusion-io, Tableau Software, NetIQ, and Nicira. He has also been named to Forbes’s Midas List many times over.

A well-known name in the venture capital space, NEA has over $2 billion under management and has backed hundreds of companies over the past two decades. The company also has a significant presence in China, where it has invested a hefty $400 million.


Scott Sandell has a lot of hats to wear. He is the general partner of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and is the newly-appointed chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

The organization elected Scott Sandell to the post at the NVCA’s annual meeting in San Francisco. While he will continue to lead the firm’s technology investments, he will also take on the responsibilities of chairman.

In announcing his appointment, Sandell emphasized NVCA’s role as an advocate for diverse stakeholders in the venture capital industry. In addition, he said NVCA is well-positioned to serve as a resource for startups looking to create innovation policies.

Graphic designer

The New York artist Scott Sandell and his daughter, Jennifer, have a strong following for their gimmicks. One of them is an impressive thirty-foot-tall sculpture. It is a clever use of materials and technology.

Unlike the previous artworks that featured a lot of handiwork, this sculpture combines the latest in design and material science. According to the artist, it is the first of its kind.

In addition to his work in the public space, the artist is also an active investor in companies. He invested in Bloom Energy and Mulesoft when they were sold to Salesforce in 2018.

The company has gone public in the last few years, and he is a board member on several of them.


While Scott Sandell is not a household name by any means, he’s had an illustrious career in tech and finance that has spanned the gamut from software to hardware and everything in between. Yet, despite his numerous achievements, Sandell still finds time to help his nieces and nephews navigate the rough and tumble world of teenhood. As an avowed nerd, he’s found that his most memorable adolescent years were the most formative and rewarding. One way he’s made a lasting impression is by helping his nieces and nephews get the most out of their high school experience. Similarly, he’s helped hone his son’s skills, ensuring that he has a solid foundation of knowledge to carry with him on his quest to become the next Microsoft CEO.

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