5 Must Try Street Food Booth in Batam

If you are thinking about Batam, your imagination would probably wander around to the cheap massages, spas, and shopping — however, these aren’t all it has in store for you.

Batam also has highly delicious strong food recommendations. Batam also has a variety of local food with delicious tastes. Lots of street food that is very tempting, you can easily find. With so many stalls offering cuisine with almost the same flavor, it’s hard to find the most delicious one because almost everything tastes good. You can try the local cuisines at very affordable prices.

And that is why we’ve gone to Batam to bring you this list of 8 must-try road food stalls we got insider’s understanding with the support of our trusty guide!

  1. Ayam Bakar Chaniago – BBQ chicken

Chicken is a staple part of meat lovers’ eating regimens, and what is better to fill your dietary meat prerequisite than Ayam Bakar Chaniago?

Bakar translates into roasted, and as you can imagine, this BBQs chicken is all done in an open-air grill immediately for your better viewing experience.

We had their signature roasted chicken served with rice and sambal (IDR18,000 ~SGD1.65), and what an adventure it was. Despite being BBQed in huge batches, you can still see the juices dripping down from the meat.

In addition to this, the breast part has been amazingly juicy, unlike how any regular chicken usually tastes: dry and difficult to chew. If you are a chilli enthusiast, you are in luck — that the sambal was satisfyingly hot and aromatic out of being produced with ingredients such as tomato.

Opening times: 4 PM-12 AM

  1. Martabak 818 – local ‘min jiang kueh’

Pancakes and waffles are in abundance in our local pastry shops in SG, but wait until you see the martabaks that are available around the streets in the city of Batam. Not to be mistaken for murtabak, these are more similar to the very great min jiang kueh (traditional nut pancake). The only difference is that we can’t finish one portion with only a few bites – they are served in a quite big portion that can feed up to 2-3 individuals.

We visited Martabak 818, famous for the unconventional flavors that it presents. Aside from traditional flavors like peanut butter and chocolate, this place also offers choices that include Cream Cheese Oreo (IDR65,000 ~SGD5.95) and Nutella + Ovomaltine + Cheese (IDR90,000 ~SGD8.25).

Be cautioned, however: These dishes are incredibly rich and filling, so make sure to bring companions – who has a big appetite is the best – when you swing by this stand!

Opening times: 3 PM-10 PM

  1. Miso Ajo Selat Panjang – valid ‘mamak’ style food

On the off chance that lunch or dinner is inside your sights, pop by the Miso Ajo Selat Panjang Stall, which prepares various rice and noodle dishes.

A star feature on the menu is their Indomie Goreng (IDR15,000 ~SGD1.40), which is essentially burned kway teow with the kway teow (flat noodles) added with Indomie. Imagine eating a springier, more flavourful rendition of kway teow, the flavors in the Indomie mix give the dish a tasty lift.

Likewise, eat the eponymous Miso Selat Panjang (IDR15,000 ~SGD1.40), rice noodles cooked in a stock that helped us to remember mian xian (rice vermicelli) chicken herbal soup. Adding texture and flavor are destroyed chicken, slashed chives, and furthermore you tiao – making for a good, flavourful bowl to liven up your senses following a long day of visiting Batam.

We additionally gave their Nasi Goreng (IDR15,000 ~SGD1.40) ago. This helped us remember what we can discover in Indian-Muslim food places in SG, and it was just as flavorful as what we’re utilized to.

When you decided to explore Batam in 24 hours and get hungry at night, you can go to Miso Ajo Selat Panjang.

Opening times: 6 PM-12 AM

  1. Astro Kopitiam – food court with Indonesian works of art

If you can identify with this situation, congrats; you may very well be that companion who experiences the “anything” disorder. Fortunately for you, Astro Kopitiam is a decent spot to focus on, for it has numerous food alternatives to look over. Here are our best two picks.

  1. Shuang Hong Bak Kut Teh – pork rib soup

Shuang Hong Bak Kut Teh is a stand not to be missed, for it presents the absolute best bak kut teh we’ve at any point tasted. In the first place, this stand permits you to pick the slices of pork you need to go into your request – we went with the tail and the shredded and lean cuts, which amounted to simply IDR35,000 (SGD3.20)*.

The stock was extremely flavourful, with its herbal flavors not overwhelmed by the pork, which can occur if it isn’t properly cooked. This was undoubtedly a much-needed development from the lighter pepper-based stocks that are regularly served in Singapore.

Opening times: 9 AM-9 PM

  1. Sate Padang – Indonesian satay

Maybe you think “sate” sounds familiar, but yeah, you wouldn’t be wrong – it is the Bahasa spelling of “satay,” and Sate Padang is one of the best satays in Batam. We had five chicken and five meat sates (IDR18,000 ~SGD1.65), and these came drenched in padang and nut sauces separately.

The two types of meat were BBQed just right, without being excessively dry or stiff. The accompanying sauces also worked hard in amping up the sate. We especially loved the padang sauce, which had a light fiery flavor that was strangely suggestive of chicken curry.

Here’s a fascinating tidbit about this sauce: it’s extraordinary to West Sumatra and is essential for the local Minangkabau individuals’ food.

Opening times: 6 PM-12 AM

  1. Cheddar Banana and Roti Bakar

Street carts like this one are ordinary around Batam, and you may just, similar to its other brethren, cruise it by. This person is found simply inverse Astro Kopitiam and fills in as a truly suitable choice for after-supper dessert.

Fulfill your sweet tooth with their Cheese Banana (IDR10,000 ~SGD0.90). As its name recommends, this dish includes shaved cheddar sprinkled on top of roasted bananas (goreng pisang) splashed in dense milk. We loved the way the cheddar was not overwhelming, permitting us to taste the bananas’ sweetness.

That’s not all the stand has to bring to the table, as it also has Roti Bakar (IDR20,000 ~SGD1.80) on its menu. This is toasted bread jazzed up with chocolate spread and consolidated milk and comes in an enormous platter of a few thick toast slices.

Vacation is more than just the food; it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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