5 Must-Visit Places When You’ve Travel to Likupang

Likupang has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. With its stunning natural beauty and a variety of tourist destinations that are easy to access. Without any doubt, Likupang is too beautiful to be missed. Likupang can be a fun tourist spot with family and friends.

But before you go there, don’t you think you need to learn about Likupang? Have you been curious about what Likupang resembles?  While preparing for your holiday, you can note down a few of those tourist attractions in Likupang Manado that should be visited.

Paal Beach

This beach is a favorite tourist destination at Manado’s Likupang. No wonder a lot of people call Paal Beach the “Bali of North Sulawesi”. Though the scenery is amazing, the waves with this shore are occasionally rather significant. Thus, you need to be cautious when spending your time here.


Pulisan Peak

This place is prepared to spoil your eyes with lovely scenery.  Pulisan Peak is located at the Lovely Pulisan Beach area. During the climb, you’ll be accompanied by very beautiful yellow pastures. Do not forget to stop by Pulisan Beach to chill on the shore or even the coral cave.

Lihaga Island

This island is uninhabited, so it’s still quite natural and clean. Crystal clear sea water indicates the blank seabed and lifestyle within it. The attractiveness of Lihaga Island could be appreciated by diving, snorkeling, or simply by canoeing. Even though the island is vacant, there are bathroom facilities for people. But don’t forget to always stay clean and leave no trash behind.

Gangga Island

Gangga Island itself is quite popular for sailors. This island at Likupang, Manado is among the largest opponents of Bunaken Island. Its location is near Lihaga Island and has a hotel that provides entertaining marine pursuits.  If you do not have a diving certification, you can try to make one, so that you may enjoy the underwater scenery of Gangga Island to your fullest. There will be some trainers who will guide you, just in case you need some comfortable adventure while exploring underwater.

Bahoi Ecotourism

Bahoi Tourism Village delivers nature-oriented tourism. The tourist attraction that you can find here is mangrove forest that’s still natural and guarded against the neighborhood. Though it’s become popular among tourists, local individuals still pay particular attention to the preservation of character in this village by keeping it from massive exposure as much as they can.

Bahoi ecotourism,become the alternative of tourist attraction, since this place also provides some natural forest, beside a beautiful sea shore and white sands.


You should definitely come here, before Likupang becomes a very popular destination. You just have to fly into Manado and travel overland for approximately 90 minutes north to arrive in the Likupang region. Even though the road you have to go through is quite winding and moves through the farm, it already has an asphalt road and can be passed by two cars.

Ready to start your getaway to Likupang? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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