4 Fun Holiday Activities for Families


According to a recent report, it has been proven that celebrating holidays can make you feel happier.

Savoring the little things in life can make it more enjoyable, and holidays are built-in times to celebrate. One of the most enjoyable parts is planning fun holiday family activities altoona pa for your family to do together.

If you’d like some ideas for family-friendly holiday activities, keep reading.

1. Plan a Game Night

The holidays always bring the family together, and no matter what holiday you are celebrating, a game night is always a good idea.

Play board games, card games, video games, or whatever else your family finds exciting.

If you have younger kids in your family, you can plan a few rounds of different games that everyone can enjoy. Then, later on in the evening, take out the more adult games and have fun through the night.

Bonus points for finding holiday-themed games!

2. Visit a Theme Park

Nothing is more magical than visiting a theme park on a holiday. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July, theme parks are always celebrating.

Your family will have a blast listening to the holiday-themed music and looking at all the decorations while riding rollercoasters and playing carnival games.

Make it even more special by dressing up for the event, such as wearing red, white, and blue outfits or sporting your spooky Halloween costumes.

To plan the best family holiday possible, it’s wise to work with people that know the theme park inside and out. Magic Lamp Vacations can make all your Universal Studios dreams come true, and may even surprise you with more family vacation ideas, so click here to check them out.

3. Host a Movie Night

Nothing will get you in the spirit like a family movie night.

Gather two or three movies that everyone can enjoy, starting with those that are more kid-friendly.

You can find movies for any holiday, so it can be a fun tradition whenever you want to spend a night in but still celebrate. Make it extra special by planning holiday-themed snacks to accompany the movie and having everyone put on their holiday pajamas.

4. Bake Cookies

Every holiday deserves to be celebrated by baking cookies, and it is one of the most kid-friendly activities you can do.

You can do something simple, such as buying pre-packaged dough and adding some icing and sprinkles, or bake your dough from scratch. Get the kids involved, letting them roll out the dough and decorate once they’re cool.

You can also add holiday-themed cookie cutters to the mix to truly bring the holiday spirit to life.

Plan the Most Fun Holiday Activities

Planning fun holiday activities to do with the family is one of the best parts of the holidays. Make sure you tailor each activity to your family so every member can feel included.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start celebrating!

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