5 Honourable Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Memory Alive 

Pets have a shorter life span, and a person can love multiple pets in one human lifetime. The law of nature is something you should respect, and you can’t do anything but accept that pets have a maximum lifespan of 12 to 18 years. It’s relatively short compared to human beings, and when the time comes, you must accept the fate of your beloved pet. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to honour your pets with cremation jewelry in Singapore. 

Whether your time spent with your pet is short or long, you can still honour their memory in many ways. Aside from displaying pictures and posting videos, you can do it with other meaningful activities. So, to keep pets in your heart, here are different ways to keep the memory alive. 

5 Honourable Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Memory Alive 

Indeed, it’s not easy to say goodbye to your pets. After all, you’ve been together for an extended period and have built happy memories. When a pet dies, it’s okay to let all your emotions go, and you don’t need to move on immediately. On the positive side, you can get through it. And once you’re ready, learn the five ways to keep your pet’s memory alive with cremation ashes jewelry.

1) Host a Memorial Service

You can also host a simple memorial service for your pets outdoors or at home. It is a way to give your beloved pet a proper goodbye and prayers. It’s like having closure so you can properly move on and continue your life. For sure, your pets would probably want to see you happy again. 

2) Paw Print 

Aside from cremation ashes jewelry, you can also capture your pet’s print with moldable clay or cement. Look for a pet cremation service that includes packages like this for honouring your pet’s death. After this, you can display the paw print in the memorial service to remind you of your pet’s memory. 

3) Pet Cremation Jewelry

You can also honour your pet through pet cremation jewelry in Singapore. It’s like a bracelet or necklace with your pet’s ash. This way, you can always remind yourself that you have someone special in your life. After all, pets are innocent creatures that give love and joy to humans. 

4) Diamonds from Ashes

You can also try the diamonds from ashes method to honour your pet’s memory. It’s a way to remind yourself about how precious your pets have become in your life. Diamond also represents your love for your pets and how much you care for them. 

5) Donate or Volunteer at Animal Shelters

In honour of your pet’s passing, you can donate to animal shelters or rescue animals to give them a better life. Your pets want to see that you are making a difference in honour of their memory. Once your heart is ready, you might bring home a new pet and build a happy memory. 

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