Why You Should Always Put Effort into Your Appearance When Going on a Date

In many instances, how you present yourself is as important as what you say or do, if not more. Every social interaction, including dating, is influenced by our appearance. How you dress and accessorise can tell people a lot about you before they officially meet and talk to you. With this understanding, here are the most compelling reasons why you should put effort into your clothes and accessories when going on a date, especially the first one.

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter a great deal in a world where people are fixated on visual appearance. For this reason, what you wear will impact how your date perceives you.

Part of this first impression is whether you have put effort into presenting yourself well for the date. If you cannot be trusted to make an effort when you are supposed to show your best self, do you make an effort in other areas of your life? This is not a question many people ask, but we silently and subconsciously ask or think about it.

Lastly, putting effort into your ensemble shows you care and value the occasion.

It Improves Your Confidence

Confidence is very important, especially when evaluating someone you will potentially be in a relationship with. Your date is doing the same thing, and they want to see how confident you are in yourself. 

Wearing clothing that makes you feel good and makes you look great can boost your confidence. This can also help you show off your best features which can make you feel even more comfortable in your own skin.

Confidence can also help you relax which can eliminate awkwardness and help you enjoy the date more.

It Shows Glimpses of Your Personality

We sometimes do not realise that we try to “guess” who someone is and what their personality is like depending on how they present themselves. Gauging personality like this is crucial for dates because you want to know that you are compatible at least in the ways you both think about fashion and presentation before you get to know your date better.

Jewellery also reveals bits of our personalities. Statement pieces say you are a fun-loving person, and elegant and simple jewellery says your style is classy and classic. Coordinated jewellery shows you are a coordinated person and care much about your appearance while wash-and-wear jewellery shows you are always on the go. Regardless of your style, you can get bespoke jewellery made by the jewellers at Chapter 79 who bring their customers’ jewellery ideas to life.

It Is Respectful

Dressing well shows that you respect the person you are on a date with, the effort they have put into themselves and the date itself. Although this can be subjective depending on culture and where a person grew up, we dress for various occasions to show respect, and this should also be the case on a date.

Putting effort into your clothing and accessories also shows you are taking the date seriously and are committed to making a great first impression. People appreciate this, and you are likely to get a second or even third date with this thinking.

Even if many people dress for themselves, it is a good idea to think about how you present yourself to your date when dressing for one. How you do says a lot about you and can impact how the date goes, especially if it influences how confident you feel.

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