What to sell in 2022 – ideas for online industries

Do you want to start an online business? Well, we have crafted the spaces that have big reach on the internet in 2022. Let’s get started!

Clothes and shoes

We start with this category for a reason. It is clothes and shoes that people order most often via the Internet. There are many reasons: a huge selection, reasonable prices and the ability to return a thing if it does not fit. This is a disadvantage for online sellers: goods in this category are returned to the store more often than others. Some sites have even launched online fitting rooms to reduce return costs. One way or another, clothes and shoes are a win-win option for sales through an online store. Here, getting into a trend and following trends is more important than in other market niches. The general direction of fashion 2022 is maximum openness. But do not forget about the classic models of clothing. Approximately 40% of buyers are aged 35-65 years. Not all of them like the experiments of fashion designers – they adhere to a more restrained style. Therefore, traditional trousers, sweaters, jackets and T-shirts should still form the basis of the assortment of any online store.

Streaming and selling services

Do you know that Twitch and YouTube are big when it comes to live streaming? You need to focus on these platforms. There is big money in the live streaming space right now. BUsinesses want to invest money in the streamers and let them promote product-services. What can you do to turn this into a business idea? Buy Twitch views and start streaming consistently. Over the next few weeks, outreach brands from your personal email and give them a particular offer for promotion.

Furniture repair or selling

This type of goods is not bought so often and the main sales are still offline. However, high marginality, a large average check and profit do not allow us to bypass this niche. Moreover, furniture is already bought on the Internet by 17 percent of the population, and in the future this figure will only grow. Often, among furniture customers, one can come across this approach: a suitable model is selected in one of the offline stores, after which it is ordered on the Internet – it’s cheaper that way. Therefore, we can advise online sellers to focus on showrooms and participation in offline projects in order to show the product in person. It is the combination of retail and online sales that may be the key to success in this field.

Medical products

It is quite logical that absolutely all records in the search are beaten by requests with the keyword “drugs”. Over the past month, their number has amounted to about 8 million. It is convenient for consumers to buy medicines online with delivery. The sale of medicines is carried out by online pharmacies that have a license and a warehouse that meets certain requirements. Despite the high competition in the niche, this is a promising idea for a startup in 2022. Consultations of doctors, especially psychologists, are in demand in the sphere. Some popular items can be added to a regular online store of a different theme. For example, fabric masks, including original design options, are appropriate on a clothing website. Health food companies can sell vitamin supplements from reputable brands. Sanitizers and disinfectants will not be superfluous in the assortment of a home goods store.

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