What are the advantages of intermodal drayage?

According to a regional intermodal administrator, the port of Savannah is prioritizing truck fluidity in addition to serving larger ships and longer trains. Inbound shipments into Savannah have increased by over 10% year to date through August, thus making it the fastest expanding import route into the United States. Savannah is developing along the water to accommodate larger vessels and has completed half of the Mason Mega terminal, a $220 million intermodal transit plan. In addition to these changes, Savannah is expanding its truck gates by eight lanes, bringing a total of 56. The advantages of drayage can be extremely beneficial. Drayage is a vital link connecting ocean container transportation and distribution networks that get your products to market. While most drayage services are done in one work shift, the small distance your freight traverses is important. Working with a third party to incorporate intermodal drayage in Savannah, GA, into your logistics process can provide your company with an advantage over the competition:


The dollar is among the most significant advantages of drayage. Short-distance freight transport can be far more cost-effective in both time and money. Container and chassis rentals can be costly. Furthermore, the Port of Mobile’s drayage capacity is frequently limited. You restrict the suppliers you require when engaging with a third-party logistics provider. A 3PL is in a unique position to look for alternative ways to save money on soft costs.


Ports are bustling, congested areas, and maintaining a presence on location isn’t always practical. Your business activities can continue without the worry of strangling traffic by using drayage to transport freight to off-site warehouses. When you choose drayage, you avoid having containers remain at docks for extended periods where space may be limited. Using a 3PL with accessibility to a regional distribution center and warehouse, on the other hand, helps keep your business going smoothly.


Working with a 3PL that uses efficient warehouse management systems reduces shipment handling. Nonetheless, it enhances safety, promotes speedier transit, increases control, and reduces damage and loss. Furthermore, a third-party service has specially educated staff to handle your shipment safely. A 3PL has the experience and skills to adapt as federal safety standards and regulations evolve and become more stringent, ensuring your goods are secure and safe. Every driver that picks up and delivers your freight treats it as if it were their own.


Incorporating a 3PL into your intermodal drayage in Savannah, GA improves supply chain visibility. All units or parts can be registered and monitored as they enter and are transported from a local plant by combining a high-quality WMS gateway with specific management solutions. When you need it, you may get tracking details on all shipments and important documents through a tracking site.

Customizable and adaptable

Although intermodal drayage in Savannah, GA, has been there for years, some operations demand a more specialized approach. Various elements such as your company’s location, the shipping destination’s location, the cargo to be transported, and any time constraints can all affect your shipping experience. When you approach a supply chain business with special shipping needs, they will work with you to determine the best method for your shipment and circumstances. They ensure that your transportation needs are met by providing a variety of ancillary services such as warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

The options are endless when you combine the advantages of intermodal drayage in Savannah, GA, with a reputable third-party logistics supplier. When a shipment arrives at a port, you can rest certain that it will be safely transported to a warehouse and local distribution center without incurring additional fees.

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