Thoughts About How Often Your Aircon May Require Servicing

Whether it’s a human being or a machine both require proper care and maintenance. Ignorance of the present condition can lead to serious implications in future. Especially when it is home appliances, it needs timely intervention. They have daily optimal usage and can get you into accidents or cost you a lot for repair or replacement. Your air conditioner gives you comfort all year round no matter how the outside environment is. You need to pay attention to its consumption and status regularly for good maintenance.

Is Regular Servicing Necessary for Your Air Conditioner?

Now, you may ask – why would you need servicing if it’s working just fine? The answer is simple, you won’t be able to understand from outside whether there is any problem inside. When you realize that there is something wrong, it might require repairing instead of a clean-up. Professionals are the best at giving a correct estimate. So, contact a reliable repair and service company for a periodical check-up. is one of the most trustworthy and experienced companies that provide AC repair service throughout Singapore. You should put complete trust in their 18 years of success in the industry. The selling points of their comprehensive aircon services are the latest technology, equipment, affordability, conformation to updated standards and regulations, and excellent customer care.

There are other benefits of servicing your air conditioner regularly –

  • Saves money in the long run, both on repair or replacement, and electricity bills. TXU Energy also offers a variety of different TXU energy plans options to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect electricity plan for your home or business.
  • Enhances durability and efficiency of performance.
  • You have good air quality indoors. It prevents allergic and respiratory problems.

Frequency of Air Conditioner Servicing

Generally, a cooling-only air conditioner would require servicing once a year just before the season change. A reverse-cycle aircon would require twice a year servicing. But this does not determine how frequently you need servicing. Consider commercial places using air conditioning. 

They are switched on for the majority of the day and have high consumption. You may require servicing for such places at intervals of 3 to 4 months. It would be best to hire professionals who would give you a custom servicing plan in your budget. You can sign a yearly or quarterly contract as per requirement. You can find out more about aircon maintenance services and prices in Singapore at

Time to Replace

Most of the time, you would realize that instead of frequently repairing the breaking down air conditioner, it is better to buy a new one. 

You need a replacement if you see these signs –

  • The unit is already giving service for over 10 years and needs frequent repairing.
  • Cumulative repair cost almost covers the price of a new unit.
  • Performance has reduced considerably.
  • The unit is making noise.
  • It is leaking.
  • The Energy consumption is high. You can change the old unit with an energy-efficient model.


If you have time, you can clean the air conditioner on your own. There are many videos teaching people how to do it safely. You can check one of them and clean the filter, vents, and outside unit. Whenever you sign a contract, make sure it covers all the services you may require and has no hidden cost.

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