The most growing technology trends


$15.8 trillion. This amount represents all cryptocurrency transactions made in 2021. These digital currencies have attracted investors, but they have also interested several sectors, from art to video games, including cinema. Some countries have also chosen to include them in their financial system. This is the case of El Salvador which, after making bitcoin legal tender last September, unveiled its plan to build a city entirely dedicated to this famous digital asset. The cryptocurrency craze is not expected to stop in 2022, despite the risks associated with it. They can indeed be used for criminal purposes. Illegal transactions would have represented 14 billion dollars in 2021 , with thefts or scams. These dangers are mainly due to the lack of regulation, a subject that should come back on the table this year. Several players are in favor of regulating these assets. India , for example, is preparing a law to ban private cryptocurrencies and create its own official digital currency. Worried about the risks posed by this ecosystem, the International Monetary Fund called for global regulation last month.


In early 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were unknown to most people. By the end of the year, $40 billion had been spent on these blockchain-certified digital objects according to a study by Chainalysis. Very present in the art world, in particular with a work of the artist Beeple sold for 69.3 million dollars, they also allowed the sale of several historical objects in digital form and at high prices last year . The front page of the Wikipedia encyclopedia was bought at auction for $750,000, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was sold for $2.9 million, the world’s first text message for 107,000 euro… NFTs were so talked about in 2021 that many French people asked Google about the subject. Recently, famous brands like Adidas have been investing in these assets in order to sell real and virtual clothing. This allows them to expand into the… metaverse, a concept of virtual world that will be just as popular in 2021 and in which NFTs could be an important element.


Youtube has reached a new peak that hasn’t been seen before, Youtube is a growing platform and basically it is one and only video uploading centered platform on the market right now. There surely are some alternatives that you can go on and make your own channel and upload your videos but they will not reach the heights like on youtube, also you can buy youtube likes to achieve even higher ground on youtube

the metaverse

This term coined by Neal Stephenson in a science fiction novel in 1992 has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2021. Used to refer to a virtual world accessible through virtual and augmented reality, it is considered by some to be the next digital revolution. In recent months, many companies have taken an interest in it, starting with Meta (ex-Facebook), which went so far as to change its name to reflect its metaverse project . Each company shares its vision of this virtual world, supposed to allow future users to have fun, work or even socialize. Lately, this term is mostly mentioned in relation to brands and celebrities who are interested in it. 2022 won’t be the year everyone abandons the real world for the virtual world, but it will be an opportunity for brands to continue experimenting in the metaverse and for companies to grow their vision. This year should also see the emergence of rules, especially since problems such as sexual harassment have already begun to manifest themselves. Finally, the metaverse should be mentioned with the development of virtual reality equipment.

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