Snooker Balls: How to Pot the Ball in Snooker?

Even before the online gaming industry saw such an immense growth in the community, snooker was one of the most played ball games. Along with that, 8 ball pool and billiards also were quite the games people used to play. However, after the online gaming industry became famous, these games became some of the most played games in the community. 

All of these games are types of billiard games that are played on the billiard table with billiard balls. Although they are played with the same equipment, each of these games has different rules set to them. In this article you will further learn all of the rules that you should know about before you indulge playing with snooker balls.

Snooker is a game that is played on the same table as English billiards and the snooker balls are the same ones too. 

The colours and values of each ball

The game is mainly played with 22 snooker balls and one white ball that is known as the cue ball. The other 22 consists of 15 red balls, and other six numbered balls, that consists of a yellow ball, numbered 2, a green one number 3, a brown, 4, one blue ball numbered 5, a pink one numbered 6 and the last is a black ball which has a value of   7. To start the game, a player has to pocket the red ball, which has the lowest denomination and then they can pocket the balls as they like. 

The scoring of snooker balls is equivalent to the number it is set at. While the red ball will remain in the pocket throughout the game, the other coloured balls are placed in their respective spots as long as there is a red ball on the table.

How long does the play continue?

The game goes on as long as there is a coloured ball on the table and the game ends once they have all been pocketed. However, once you pocket a ball, you will only get that point if the pockets are made in ascending order of their value. During a play, the player has to hit the ball that is next in the ascending order. If, by any chance or because of obstruction by the other snooker balls, they cannot hit the said number, they will lose their turn and are said to be snookered. This is the precise situation that gives the game its name. 

What about billiards and pool?

English billiards is played on a table usually measured 6 feet and 1.5 inches by 12 feet. The game is played with snooker balls but only three, the white ball, a white ball with spot and a red one. The three main ways you can win are by 

  1. The losing hazard- In this the striker’s cue ball is pocketed after it strikes another ball.
  2. The winning hazard- In this another color ball is pocketed after striking with another ball
  3. The cannon- In this sequence the cue ball contacts two other balls simultaneously. 

Pool is played on a table that is 4.5 by 9 feet. In this the pockets are wider and it is played with 15 coloured balls, differentiated by solid colours and striped colours. The motive is to choose a particular type of coloured ball and pocket each of them successively. There is a set timer for each shot, crossing that, or pocketing the cue ball or hitting your opponent’s colours ends in the player losing their chance. 

Final words

These are both excellent games to play with your friends and family, and it has become even easier now that they are available on online gaming websites. 

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