Listen To Your Body – And It Will Keep You Healthy!

If you want to create a better relationship with food, you need to learn to listen to your body. You might find that the recommended foods don’t seem to work for you, or you’re continually fighting cravings. It is imperative to listen to your body’s reaction to food. This will keep you healthy and has more benefits than merely promoting weight loss. If you’re listening to your body’s reaction when eating foods like potatoes, fruits, nuts, or other kinds of foods, you will be in sync with your body and be able to enjoy meals. Below are some of the ideal ways to start hearing, listening to that voice inside you again, and living healthily.

Always Trust Your Gut

This is a common statement, and it applies to every part of your life, including your diet. The gut is like a second brain, and you need to feed it. When you listen to the deep feeling inside you, it will help you make the tough decisions like which food is best for you and which isn’t. It will help you make food choices and assist you in choosing which serves you best.

Sit Down When Eating

This is very important. When you sit down at a table to eat, you’ll find it easier to recognize when you’re full and when you need a bit more. Unlike when you were a kid and had to finish your meal even when you didn’t want to, you can slow down this time. Take each bite slowly and tune in to how your body is feeling. That way, you’ll become aware of when you’re satisfied. If you’re used to taking two helpings of sweet potatoes before, you might find yourself getting satisfied by one when you listen to your body.

Listen As You Talk

Listening to your body gets difficult when food noises are being made from your head and external sources. Many people have considered getting a treat and then berate themselves as bad for having cravings. Often, we end up forcing down unsatisfying meals because they are said to contain all the right foods. Hold on on the labels or nutritional facts like that of potatoes, and focus on your body. This way, you’ll eat the right things that will keep you happy and nourished instead of discontent.

Pause Between Meals

When you feel the digestive process has begun, you should pause on the eating and try to observe how your body is receiving the meal. Listen for things like rumbling in your stomach, tiredness, nasal congestion, goosebumps, and any other feeling. Do you feel tired after taking sweet potatoes, or do you get goosebumps? Also, check your stomach hunger to see if you’re full or need to start eating. Ask yourself if your body wants to keep eating or you’re trying to satisfy any other type of hunger.

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