Learn More About Smartphones With Quick Charge Technology 

In today’s competitive mobile phone market, more and more people are preferring to get smartphones with the best features. Be it screen size or charging power, consumers want phones with the most advanced technology. 

One of the primary aspects of a modern smartphone is its ability to fast charge or offer quick charge technology. While many phones include a quick charging feature, there can be different implementations of it depending on the brand. 

Explain Quick Charging Technology 

It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after qualities desired by phone buyers. The latest high-level phone technology allows you to quickly charge your phone within limited downtime. This feature is very convenient for everyone leading busy lives with little time to spare. The modern man demands a smartphone that charges instantly in minutes. 

Latest SuperCharge Smartphones 

According to a recent worldwide survey to determine smartphones with quick charge technology, Huawei SuperCharge and OnePlus Dash Charge offer the fastest charge rate. You can go ahead and purchase the Huawei nova 10 with SuperCharge instant boost features, it provides 66W supercharging that charges to full capacity in just 38 minutes. The smartphone is also packed with a solid 4000 mAh battery 15 for providing a better power boost. 

Phone Charging Process 

It is a fact that greater current plus high voltages help charge the batteries faster, but there is always a limit to how much current or voltage they can take. 

Let us note a few main points:

  • Smartphone batteries begin charging when current passes via them. 
  • The IC protects the phones against an abnormal spike in current. 
  • The controller chip helps to regulate the overall flow of current in and out of the battery
  • Current in amps is defined by lithium-ion controllers 
  • A battery charges through lithium-ion controllers by measuring the phone’s battery current and voltage 
  • Some phones use a DC-to-DC converter for changing the input voltage 
  • Some phones use hi-tech integrated circuits to adjust the current flow via the charger input along with the battery terminal 
  • The amount of current that can be passed via the charge controller is typically dictated by the mobile software. 

Fast Charging USB Standards 

Phone manufacturers use PD or Power Delivery specifications to handle higher power generation and allow many devices to charge quickly via a USB connection. It is the main point that determines how much power can be passed or pulled from the charger. A USB-PD provides the necessary power to any device and the same USB-PD charger is used to charge a smartphone at very high speed. It can even charge your laptop at top speed. 

Huawei SuperCharge Technology 

Huawei launched its very own SuperCharge technology in the year 2017 when it introduced Mate 10. This fast charging technology uses superior current compared to its competitors with the aid of Pump Express and Quick Charge technology. 

Later, Mate 20 Pro was launched, which is equipped with 10V and 4A power output. This new 40W charging software technology met with unprecedented success. With the launch of its flagship devices, Mate 40 Pro Plus and Nova 10, the multinational technology corporation introduced 66W charging, the latest demonstration of quick charging technology. 


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