Improving the Look and Feel of Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom is a place you go to retreat, relax and unwind. It is important that it looks and feels just as you would like it to. If your bathroom does not look and feel as fabulous as you would want it to, then do not settle. Instead, start to take positive action. Start looking at making changes, and start introducing new themes and styles.

Having an Action Plan

No matter the size of your bathroom, you will find that any level of the makeover will always feel (and be) bigger than you anticipated. To be able to cope with this, you are going to need to have an action plan. Setting out clearly what you want to achieve within your bathroom and then giving yourself workable deadlines and timescales is essential. Without an action plan, you may find that you do not carry out all the improvements you want, and it becomes much more stressful and even longer than needed.

New Tiling Can Lift a Space

Now that you have an action plan together, you need to start ticking off those jobs on your list. When you look at the current tiling you have in your bathroom, what does it say to you, and how does it feel? If the tiles are outdated or if they are bland, it can bring the whole space down. Tiling on floors and walls that is broken, damaged, or dated will need replacing as soon as possible. If you are on a strict timescale, you may wish to tile over existing tiling. However, if you have more time, you will be better off removing old tiling and starting fresh.

Neutral Color Schemes Can Elevate a Bathroom

The color of the walls and ceiling within your bathroom will make a difference in how it feels. If you are not working with a large bathroom, then look at introducing a color scheme that is bright – one that allows spaces to feel bigger than they are. Darker colors and shades within a bathroom can make a space feel more cozy and homely. However, they can also make spaces feel smaller and more claustrophobic, too.

Focusing on the Lighting

A well-lit bathroom feels and looks fantastic. Even smaller spaces need to be bright and welcoming. Still, when it comes to choosing the right bathroom lighting, you need to focus on safety and only use bathroom-safe lighting. However, you also need to select fixtures that fit in with your theme and look. If the lighting feels dated or dark, it can make a bathroom feel oppressive, and those relaxing, warm baths you dream of may never happen.

New Grout and Caulk is a Big Improvement

If you are working on a super strict budget for your bathroom, you can still improve how it looks and feels by updating caulking and grout. Old, moldy grout that is unloved and discolored can quickly be fixed. Most of the work is in preparation, which will involve removing old silicone, caulk, and grout. Once you have done this, you are then ready to apply fresh mixes, which will instantly lift any space.


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