Do you remember those days when you were afraid of the school bullies and had to escape from them to be safe? Well, you have come a long way since then. You have evolved; unfortunately, so have they. The monstrous bullies are still working alongside us in the office. At times, they are your boss, colleagues, and juniors. They may harass you, undermine you, or spread rumors about you. This time around, don’t run away from the bullies. Learn to stand up for yourself and the little one you bullied years ago. Now, it is your turn to set things straight. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips to help you confront the bullies.

Take No Bullshit: Bullies know how to look for the weak link. So, from the very first day, they look for victims. Anyone who is a pushover becomes an easy target. The bullies are very keen observers and look for weakness in others. Therefore, when you sense someone to be a bully, show no sign of weakness to that person. If they want you to do the work, reply with a plain NO. Of course, you want to be helpful to others, but bullies will take advantage of you if you let them.

Keep Proof: When someone touches you inappropriately, you are taken aback. You do not expect such behavior in the workplace; sadly, it is very common. But, just because it is a common practice does not mean it should be the norm. Speak up and let others know what you have gone through. No woman or man should be subjected to sexual molestation.

  • Whenever you are harassed or molested, keep a record of things, if possible. If you have no proof, it is the victim’s word against the accused’s words. Therefore, inform your other colleague about the incident as soon as possible and take action.
  • You may even want to check the CCTV footage that shows the person tried to molest you. If they verbally or emotionally harm you, tell that to the HR or the judge if it ever comes to that.

Protect Yourself: Before stirring things up, ensure you are protected. A lot of the time, people who start speaking up get fired or removed from the job. Make sure the same thing does not happen to you. You have worked hard to achieve your position, and you are not going to give that up because of a bully. But, at the same time, you will not let the man get away with doing what he is doing. You may contact a SOX whistleblower Lawyer who will ensure your safety and security first. Make sure the lawyers you choose have prior experience with such cases. You can safely bring the truth to light and not be punished.

Demand Actions: You get bullied, you complain to HR; nothing happens. You know what they say: Justice delayed is injustice. Therefore, if you see no action being taken against the individual, ask them why. If the company does not want to address your demands, you must seek legal help. Take the matter to court and tell your truth to the world.

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