How to Search for a Flight School in Los Angeles

So you’re looking for a good Flight Schools. Perhaps you’ve just had an introductory flight, and you thoroughly relish it. Maybe it confirmed what you already knew in your heart – that you simply really, actually need to learn to fly light aircraft.

Or perhaps you’re much further on – you’ve finished your PPL and hour building and you’re now trying to find a school where you should do the CPL course.

Should You Just Continue at the Academy You Know?

At now, it’s going to be quite tempting to simply book more lessons with the instructor at the school you know. this might be your thinking, whether you’ve just flown with them for half an hour, or are with them for quite a while when you were doing your PPL. After all, why not? you wish them, you bought on well, and that they seem pretty good. What could possibly be wrong with that?

There is a spread of reasons why this might not be a particularly good idea – at least, not yet. you’re about to make a major investment in learning to fly, and possibly during a whole new career. So don’t you think that perhaps you should shop around first?

Should You Learn to Fly Close to Home?

Generally, it isn’t necessary to find out at an airfield that is on your doorstep, but it’s not an honest idea to be too far away either. Flying preparations are extremely tiring, especially at the onset. Actually, more advanced training is often equally exhausting; during the first week of my FI course, each day’s flying wont to leave me in no fit state to do much except rest. So if you’ve got to drive for a couple of hours first, you’ll not be in the best frame of mind to learn properly when you finally get to the airfield.

What About Learning to fly an Intensive Course?

Some people recover from the above problem by deciding to learn on a short course over a period of a few weeks, flying several hours each day, and finding accommodation near the airfield. Some schools even concentrate on these types of courses.

This could be a good idea for the PPL if you’ve got the time, and it’s often the only practical way to do a CPL. Learning intensively works well for a few students. It means you have less in the way of distractions from work and family.

Other Financial Issues

Understandably, many of us shop around in order to save money, since flying training is by no means cheap. it’s true that costs do vary, but you would like to bear in mind that the hourly rate is not the whole story.

If you learn at an outsized airport, you’ll have to spend quite a sizeable proportion of your time waiting for other traffic, perhaps being delayed with the engine running while airliners and other large aircraft arrive or depart. Also, you’ll not be allowed to fly patterns or do some other exercises, and you’ll therefore have to fly to another airfield for these.

Your Instructor

Finding a teacher you like is extremely important. If there’s an instructor you want to fly with, either because you’ve got flown with them before or because they have been recommended, then ask if you’ll be able to do the course with them.

After that, probably the primary thing to do is to make sure that you will be with the same instructor for most of the course. For while some flying schools assign a specific instructor to each student, others don’t, and you’ll find yourself flying with a variety of different people.


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