How to Establish Whether or not a Placement Agency is Genuine? 

Finding the right job search agency is just as important and difficult as finding the right job. There are so many agencies that are present in the market that it ends up confusing applicants. Moreover, the pandemic has hard hit the availability of relevant jobs. Hence, we have made this guide for every applicant who is still searching for a job. The first thing that you have to do is find a suitable job search portal. Find out how to do that in this guide that will talk about the many features that only elite job portals have. Dive in for more information!

Look at the Website 

A website is a reflection of what the job search agency is like. Hence, elite portals make sure to make things easy for applicants. You’ll usually be redirected to a landing page where you’ll have to fill in your professional details and make a profile. This will be the profile that the recruitment team will look at to find relevant job matches and also the profile that’ll be visible to the employers. 

Two other things to look at when browsing through the website are the permit number and testimonials. Without either of these two, a job search portal cannot be fully trusted. 

Look at the Variety 

Reputable and trusted placement agencies offer jobs across entire Canada and all sectors. So, whether you belong to the healthcare sector, transportation sector, financial and banking sector, or you’re someone who’s looking for an administrative job or a government job, an elite placement agency will have suitable opportunities for you no matter what. This is because such agencies have tie-ups with the most reputed and reliable organizations. 

Look at the Services 

They understand the value of resumes more than anybody else since they read through and accept and reject many resumes for their employers’ clients. Hence, they offer resume writing services. You can also seek additional services that they provide for interview preparation. 

Look at the Flexibility 

A reputable agency will offer both temporary jobs and permanent jobs. Hunt temp jobs are the kinds you should trust since this job search agency runs a lot of background checks on the companies that post jobs on their platform. Background check on the companies goes for permanent jobs, too, without saying. 

On a closing note, finding both temporary and permanent jobs is safest and most trusted at portals like Synergie Hunt International since they have been in the recruitment business for over 5 decades. 

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