How to Create a Relaxing Sanctuary in Your Garden

Whether you want to relax after a long day at work or reconnect with nature, you will often find that your garden is one of the best places to visit to make this happen. Creating a relaxing sanctuary in your garden may not be as complicated or as time-consuming as you think it is. When you break down the process, you will see that there are lots of small things you can introduce or add that will make a statement or impact.

Have Natural Areas 

For example, you can often find that you can relax a lot more in your garden when you have natural areas to visit. These natural areas may be little rock ponds, or they could be bird baths. Natural areas in your garden may be a corner of your garden that you have let go a little wild. Or, they could be areas that feature natural plants and habitats for native animals. When you have natural areas in your garden that are minimalist in terms of maintenance, you will find that you have a lot better balance with nature. You will be more in tune with nature, and this is when you will relax the most.

Include Fragrant Areas

As well as building and creating natural areas, you must also focus on fragrant areas. Areas that are filled with highly fragranced plants and flowers, such as jasmine and lavender, will help to create a relaxing energy in your garden. These fragrant areas also attract more wildlife and nature to your garden including bees, birds, and butterflies. Plants that smell beautiful are going to help enhance your mood, and help you naturally relax and unwind every time you spend time in your garden. To successfully create fragrant areas in your new relaxing sanctuary, think about what plants will work well all year round. For example, is your climate well suited to geraniums? Or, do you require something hardier?

Add Features

Being able to switch off and focus on something different in your garden is important. To do this, you want to focus on tranquility at all times. By adding features, such as sundials and bird baths, you add a focal point to your garden that enhances relaxation, without detracting away from other areas of your garden. If you are wondering how do garden sundials work, then pause, and take some time out to find what will work for you and your garden. You don’t want to just add features because they look good. You want to ensure they have a purpose too. Understand how features work, and understand their role in your new sanctuary.

Have a Swing or Hammock

To fully relax, you need to be able to swing away your worries and enjoy as much carefree time as possible. To ensure that this happens, you are going to need to install a garden swing or hammock. When you can unwind and blissfully swing, or lie down and sway, you can get lost in the beauty and magic of your garden sanctuary.

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